If you have been in the free FB group for a while, you might have noticed two things:


1) I have changed the name!!! It used to be Donna’s Intermittent Fasting Group…and it is now Weight Loss Lifestyle!

I still teach about fasting all the time (check out my February course here!). But upon reaching the “Minus 225 Pound Pair” status, my husband and I losing 225 pounds together, I have continuously unlocked more and more of the secrets to the weight loss universe!

It isn’t any ONE thing–it is a combination of many little habits that, over time, yield great results. (Funny–that’s how all of life is, right?)

Fasting is a huge part of that for us (balanced hormones, fewer cravings, shorter time period to eat, fat burning…all the stuff!), but there’s so much more.

And there is even a lot more to it than food/fasting…leading to #2!


2) I have added an element of teaching about emotional eating, emotions, thoughts, actions…all of the things about our minds and how they keep us stuck or propel us forward.

For the past eight weeks or so, I have taught what I have been calling Saturday Morning Models in which I use my coach’s (Brooke Castillo) Self-Coaching Model to help us unpack the Think-Feel-Act cycle and its effect on everything weight and size and motivation related.

It has been life changing for me to learn this over the past eight months–and I knew it was a missing puzzle piece for many people in their weight loss too.

So now we have the “perfect storm” for weight loss at DonnaReish.com! Mind, body, hormones, brain, thoughts, emotions, fasting, food…..all of it!

And all of that combined will take us to our goal!

The past month or so I have spent the Saturday Morning Models teaching about developing our new Goal Weight Identity….it is so eye opening…and I love it that now as I go through my day, it is so ingrained in me that I actually ask myself, “Will the size 6 Donna eat this?” “Will the 145 pound Donna do that?” I think I am getting it!

(You can watch those three videos in the FB group here and here and here!)

I have changed Morning Models to Thoughts Thursday, and today is Thursday! So we will delve back into our thoughts and emotions and their impact on our weight loss…

But this time I have a special treat for you. My graphics girl made you a cool document (I scribbled it on scrap paper, and she made it look amazing!). This document is what I am teaching tonight–and has places for you to fill it in and change your identity from your current weight identity to your goal weight identity! Yay you!

So grab your download….print it off…and join me live in the free FB group tonight at 8:00 Eastern time!

It’s going to be festive!

Love and hope,


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