A few years ago I began a quest to change our family’s eating habits by greatly reducing sugar. I was pre-diabetic, sugar-addicted, and, of course, greatly overweight. After too many trials and too much money, I have finally solved my sugar-free problems—and I am helping others solve theirs as well.


Healthy Sweeteners: The Pyure Facts

This blog (in addition to my free e-book, Sugar-Free Solutions, and my Healthy Mixes books {click here to see the ones available and those coming soon!}) will teach you incrementally how to eliminate sugar, cook and bake more healthfully, and learn to enjoy a life free of sugar cravings, bloating, pre-diabetes/diabetes, and more!

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I recommend you go first to the blog to Start Here. Then move onto the Sugar-Free Solutions e-book. Then check out the Sugar-Free Substitutions Chart (and pinnable!). THEN….come here to learn more about my favorite natural, carb-free sweetener! 🙂


The Facts About Pyure

Pyure is a combination of stevia and erythritol. Both its ingredients are considered natural. They are also both non-nutritive sweeteners and are therefore calorie and gluten free. It is 0 on the Glycemic Index, which means it does not affect blood sugar in any way. This mixture is also certified GMO-free by the USDA. The advantage of Pyure over pure stevia is the erythritol. This form of sugar alcohol eliminates some of the excessive sweetness and bitter aftertaste of stevia. This combining also makes it easy on the stomach (compared to others).


Another advantage of Pyure is that it is easy to replace sugar with it. It is also easy to know how much to use; half a cup of Pyure is equal to one cup of sugar. Pyure only comes in granulated form. However, some types have finer grains than others. The confectioners mix is finer which means it dissolves more easily. In conclusion, Pyure seems to be an upgrade over a number of other sweeteners.



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My Thoughts


Pyure has become my favorite after three years of testing. It is available on Amazon (Prime!). It is also available at most Wal-Mart stores. It is one of the most reasonably-priced HEALTHY substitutes. (Yes, sucralose {Splenda} and aspartame {Nutra-Sweet} are cheaper….but they are not natural sweeteners.)


In addition to its availability and price, it is also the least “off tasting” of the ones I have tried. I used to use Swerve (also available at Amazon and other retailers), but it has an annoying cooling effect in the mouth after eating things made with it. Since Pyure is a ½ cup per 1 cup of sugar ratio, less is needed to have the same effect as sugar. This automatically means less off taste. Coupled with the fact that it is a combination of erythritol and stevia, the taste is also less bitter or “different” than just using one sweetener. (See my “Power of Dilution” article here.)


The half cup to one cup ratio to sugar means that it is a great sub in baking. Using stevia drops or just a tiny sprinkling of powdered stevia in baking does not give the bulk that is needed for baked goods. (For example, you can’t take a regular cookie recipe and use a teaspoon of stevia in place of two cups of sugar—you need the “bulk” aspect of the sweetener.)


Pyure has worked well in all of the healthy “solutions” in my free Sugar-Free Solutions e-book (honey, maple syrup, corn syrup {“Karo”}, sweetened condensed milk {“Eagle Brand”}, homemade white chocolate, homemade dark chocolate, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, and more).


Note: Be sure you are getting the Pyure erythritol and stevia blend and not a sugar-Pyure blend (or a brown sugar-Pyure blend). Those blends have sugar added to them. The label should look like the one below…


Pyure Label

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PYyure Equivalents


Homemade Pyure


Pyure is easy to make for yourself too. One cup of erythritol and ½ teaspoon stevia extract are combined to substitute for the granulated Pyure. It is an inexpensive solution for sure.


Homemade Pyure Recipe

Liquid Pyure

pyure drops1

I don’t go anywhere without my bottle of liquid Pyure drops! At home, I make lemonade, limeade, or a combination all the time using a little real lemon or lime juice (bottled works well also) and a couple of drops of Pyure. It is the perfect sweetener for smoothies, punches, shakes, and more.


The liquid is also great for when you are making something and it is all mixed but still needs a touch of sweetener. A couple of drops will add just the amount you need without re-mixing a lot of bulk sweetener in. (I recommend this when making desserts with my Cream Cheese Dessert Base from the Healthy Mixes book of that same name—coming in the first quarter of 2017 {though some of the recipes are at the blog already}.)


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