In today’s Fast Shot, Donna Reish, author of over 100 language arts/writing curriculum books for students, blogger, weight management teacher/coach, and health-seeker, answers a reader’s plea for immediate help with weight loss. Rather than asking this gal to start on One Meal a Day and long fasting, extreme diets that can’t be sustained, or other impossibilities, Donna gives the reader hope with five tips that she can implement immediately to get her health and weight loss going in the right direction. Donna recommends that the listener reduces her eating hours/begin implement fasting hours at a beginner’s level; stops drinking calories; eats two or three distinct times; makes at least half of her food real; and plans tomorrow’s food today. These five tips will help the listener immediately–both weight-wise and emotionally/mentally.

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Help! I need to lose weight and don’t know where to start!!


1) Reduce eating hours (

a. Even if you just don’t eat for 12 hours every day for a few days, you will be starting to reduce your eating hours.
b. Any reduction in consecutive eating hours (i.e. any increase in time NOT eating) will result in less insulin/sugar spiking, more leptin sensitivity, and more!

2) Stop drinking calories

a. Liquid calories are not recognized by leptin
b. Your body doesn’t HEAR that you just consumed 600 calories.
c. You can’t afford liquid calories—they are rarely in someone’s food “budget”!

3) Eat 2 or 3 distinct times out of every 24 hours

a. Two or three meals/snacks combos
b. Eat til full; stop; eat again; stop.
c. Grazing is not recognized by satiety signals.

4) Make at least half of your food real (for now)

a. Start somewhere.
b. Decide that you will eat half of your food in meals or snacks real food only—don’t worry about the macro-nutrients, just make it real!

5) Plan tomorrow’s food today—even if some of it is junk food—this habit alone with fasting will change your weight!

a. Write out on a sticky note or in the notes section of your phone what you will eat tomorrow and the approximate times and amounts
b. Even if some of it is unhealthy (don’t make an unrealistic list!)…just write it down.
c. Only eat tomorrow what you wrote down today!


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