In this Fast Shot video, Donna Reish, author of over 100 curriculum books for students, blogger, weight loss coach-in-training, and Intermittent Fasting (IF) teacher, explains how and why she began IF—and what she has learned. She delves into the “eat anything you want” approach and its compellingness and then moves into the freedom she has found in IF. She discusses the main four ways we lose weight, inches, and cravings with IF—and how they apply to her current choices and lifestyle. Learn more about IF in Donna’s free workshop:    

A. Weight History


  1. Been on weight loss journey for over 15 years (92 pounds to date net loss!)
  2. Started out losing weight with ballroom dancing alone
  3. Then tried various things to lose any more after losing about 30 pounds first few years of ballroom dancing
  4. VLCD (very low calorie diet); low carb; separating fats and carbs meals; calorie counting; keto—couldn’t stay on any for period of time…had too many cravings
  5. Plexus three years ago—started controlling cravings and losing again but still didn’t like any of the restrictive diets, especially cutting out food groups, etc.
  6. Then 18 months ago heard about IF

a. Heard eat whatever you want

b. No food restrictions or food group eliminating

c. Heard it helps you lose weight/control appetite, etc., while still eating whatever

d. Joined—and now in over a year, I’ve lost almost 40 more and Ray has lost 80 more



B. What I Learned About “Eating Whatever You Want” With IF


  1. Four ways we lose weight with IF
  2. Since body works for you, not against you, keeps insulin low, controls hunger hormone (ghrelin), and helps you hear leptin signals so you feel full sooner and eat healthier foods
  3. It gave me the control I need to control the types of foods, how frequently I eat sugar and flour, the amount I eat in my eating window, and more



C. Amazing benefits


  1. Insulin control so not hungry during the fast
  2. Ghrelin controlled so appetite greatly reduced
  3. Leptin signals (satiety) heard better (this is huge for people like me who have been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance)
  4. Food freedom—sense of control
  5. Less trash, shopping, messes, cooking, and overall food consumption (research is clear that to regain our health we need to reduce our overall food intake by 30%!!!—not just control this macro or that macro…we simply eat way more than our bodies need to be at healthy weights and fight disease)



 D. Learn more!


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