In this Broadcast, Donna Reish, blogger, author of 100 curriculum books for preschool through twelfth graders, seeker of health and fitness, and Intermittent Fasting teacher, talks about three steps that it takes to build belief and adherence to something in your life. In step one, she talks about how the initial step in adhering to anything is believing in what you are going to do. This first step is achieved by seeing it work for others (especially people you know and trust) and understanding the process well enough to think that it really could yield results. In step two, Donna describes how you must believe that YOU can make that protocol work! You have to believe that you have it within you to make this protocol work. You have to see yourself being successful with the plan. Lastly, you must put habits in place in order to become successful. You can’t just say that you want to do this or that. You must have the habits in place in order to become the person who succeeds. Every day. Every habit. That is how we adhere and persist in a successful program. Donna Donna gives tips for developing these habits—environment, consistency, habituation, and more. Lastly, Donna applies these steps to becoming fit through exercise. This week’s broadcast is sponsored by Plexus supplements. Donna is offering a private FB group centered around weight management coaching and teaching for all of her wholesalers and customers in the coming year!


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A. Our Story to Date

1. One Year—I started a month ahead of my husband

2. Successes

a. Husband went from 48 to 38 and 2 X to Large shirts
b. I went from loose 14/tight 12 to loose 10’s
c. Husband lost 85 pounds/ I lost 23 pounds (45 over last couple years)

3. Immediate goals

a. Get Hubby to work out over holidays when his teaching load is lessened
b. Continue my workout schedule—5 to 7 sessions of strength training/toning of 45 minutes each per week
c. Not gain over the holidays with all the festivities and parties (but still enjoy
d. Average 18 hour fasts during last two weeks of December (probably closer to

4. Long term goals

a. Hubby lose his last 25 pounds; I lose my last 17 pounds
b. Hubby eventual size goal is 36 and medium
c. My eventual size goal is 8 and medium (but hoping my workouts will take me
down to 6 jeans and pants!)
d. Continue to control eating window and keep learning how to reduce cravings
and appetite more and more through my research and blog study


B. Three Steps to Building Belief and Adherence in IF (or Any Weight Management Protocol) —STEP 1: Believe that the protocol works

1. Watched over parents when we were only 19 and 23…..we saw it work for them
2. Watch others in our FB group, via books and social media, etc., (even better if you know them personally—if it works for them, it can work for me!)
3. Rock solid belief in the actual process (not you personally yet—just the protocol/approach)


C. Three Steps to Building Belief and Adherence in IF (or Any Weight Management Protocol) —STEP 2: Believe that you can adhere to that

1. Adherence is everything
2. You will only move into adherence as you believe in the protocol (adherence will start out and then wane at best without step one)
3. Seeing yourself doing that particular protocol
4. Parenting—I believed that I could carry out what I saw others doing (for over three decades!)


D. Three Steps to Building Belief and Adherence in IF (or Any Weight Management Protocol) —STEP 3: Put the habits in place to become that kind of person

1 From James Clear: Atomic Habits
2. Rather than setting lofty goals, focus on the habits that make you that identity
3. Habits

a. 21 days
b. 66 days
c. Study says 66 days is the average—there is a wide number to this—based on difficulty of the habits and your consistency in them
d. Technically, a new habit takes forever—you will be building it from now on—now that your new identity is that person (a faster, a person who manages your weight, a fitness person, etc.)

4. Each time you perform that habit, you are embodying that type of person—it is the habit that makes you become that type of person—not the goal of being that type of person

a. Therefore, it is not a certain number of days to reach a habit but rather the number of REPS! How many days in a row you perform that habit!
b. “Each behavior casts a vote for you to embody that type of a person/identity”! Cast your vote daily with the habits that make you THAT person!

5. Change your environment to help you perform your habit reps

a. Positive habits can’t be sustained in a negative environment
b. FB group—positivity! 😊
c. Make your environment such that you can carry out your habits (getting rid of trigger foods, buying just for one treat, staying out of the kitchen until your fast is over, planning your food, time blocking, sleeping well, etc.)


E. Applying the Three Steps of Building Belief and Adherence to Fitness


1. Believe that the protocol works

a. See others doing it with success
b. Not had negative experiences before with it (i.e. too much work with too little results)
c. Science is behind it—you understand how and why it works so well
d. My experience with cardio and aqua-had negative experiences of little results

2. Believe that you can do that protocol

a. It isn’t something you do not enjoy—you believe you would do it because you like it
b. You believe that physically you could reach the level of doing that consistently
c. It fits your personality and interests—I can’t do boring things or too many things by myself
d. My experience with isometric workouts alone at home—didn’t believe I could achieve the activation required; knew I didn’t do well at home alone with a workout

3. Put the habits in place to become that kind of person

a. Fitness is an area where environment is huge for building habits to become that person
b. Once your habits are in place (daily? Three times a week? Somewhere else? Shoes and clothes out the night before? Enough sleep? Appointment or class?), it will truly become the repetitions that will make your habits.
c. Once the habits/reps are in place, each rep is “another vote for you to embody the type of identity you want.”
d. I am a fitness person! New identity based on 40 days of habits….


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