In this “special” Broadcast, Donna Reish, blogger, author of 100 curriculum books for preschool through twelfth graders, seeker of health and fitness, and Intermittent Fasting teacher, combines two of her “Fast Shot” videos into one broadcast during the holidays when she wasn’t recording as much. The first half of this episode is Donna describing when and how someone might want to count calories while Intermittent Fasting. Calorie counting might work well for someone who has eaten very calorie dense through low carb/high fat prior to IF. It might help someone who eats too much processed food. It might help someone who is down to their last 20-30 pounds. Donna also explains how to figure your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). In the second half, Donna teaches viewers about Calorie Cycling. She explains why it is superior to calorie counting, how many Intermittent Fasters do this naturally in planning for bigger meals and festivities, and how calorie cycling can help us eat more nutrient dense foods. This week’s broadcast is sponsored by Plexus supplements. Donna is offering a private FB group centered around weight management coaching and teaching for all of her wholesalers and customers in the coming year!


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A. Should You Count Calories?

1) Calorie Counting vs. Appetite Correction

a. Remembering that AC works best with real foods
b. Satiety hormones do not read processed foods as well
c. Satiety hormones seldom read liquid calories
d. Is your AC strong enough to get you to your goal weight without any other restrictions in place (besides the feasting and fasting windows)?

2) TDEE–Total Daily Energy Expenditure

a. Have you focused so much on carbs that you haven’t realized what your body really needs energy-wise (caloric intake) overall?
b. Good idea to know what your body will need at your new weight
c. Realizing that what we are doing when we reach our goal weight is probably our new life—we aren’t going to go “off”
d. Good site for figuring what you need at your goal weight; takes into consideration your goal weight, activity level, current weight, exercise level and frequency, age, height, and more
e. My Fitness Pal is also a good TDEE counter

3) When might it benefit

a. Last 20 pounds
b. At a plateau for quite a while
c. Needing to have more counting/restriction due to too many parties and festivities (can you really have too many festivities???)
d. Not really understanding what your body needs at your new weight


B. Calories Cycling

1. How I discovered it

a. Hubby losing 8 pounds a month consistently for 9 months.
b. He was calorie cycling–eating lower some days and then having bigger days for special occasions.
c. Realized I had tried it before–but couldn’t achieve it because of hormones out of balance, cravings, etc. NOW we can stick with harder things because IF helps our body work FOR us rather than AGAINST us!

2. Official definition

a. Carb cycling or carb shifting
b. First step is figure your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure)—based on what you eventually want to weigh

i. Must be based on final goal.

ii. Good macro/TDEE calculator–IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros)
c. Alternating between low calorie, medium calorie, and high calorie days

3. Why it’s better than calorie counting

a. It gives you an emotional/mental edge because you know you can celebrate with family, have social events, etc., on another day
b. Balances your calories
c. Doesn’t wreak havoc on your metabolism since you are low, medium, high
d. Uses your TDEE for your NEW weight—so it isn’t so low to hurt your metabolism

4. Why it might work well with IF

a. Gives another boundary besides just the eating window/Appetite Correction
b. Good for people who are close to their goal and need to do another boundary to get there, but they don’t want to restrict so much
c. Can be correlated with social events and parties
d. Gives another restriction without eliminating a total food type

5. The low math method

a. Knowing your TDEE is really important
b. Lets you see the effect of HIIT and strength training, what your body really needs
c. Helps us see that we don’t need as much food as we have been having
d. Helpful for those who want another boundary or need something more measurable with IF
e. Able to be done by those who formerly “failed” at counting because IF balances hormones and gives us so much more control


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