In this Broadcast, Donna Reish, blogger, author of 100 curriculum books for preschool through twelfth graders, seeker of health and fitness, and Intermittent Fasting teacher, talks about whether you should continue to fast when weight loss has plateaued, slowed, or stopped. She begins this presentation by telling, in a nutshell, why she and her husband (the two have lost over 100 pounds together in a year on IF) will always practice some form of Intermittent Fasting (in spite of both of their “weight plateaus” right now).

Donna begins this discussion by talking about what was happening to her before IF—always some form of dieting, losing and regaining, perfection or guilt, limiting one macro or another, etc. She also discusses the differences among various metrics—pounds, inches, clothes, appearance—and how we should consider all, not just weight. She also touches on motivation to exercise and change our bodies.

Next, Donna describes the difficulties in achieving leptin and insulin sensitivities. Both of these require us to exercise and eat right—the two things that resistances cause us NOT to be able to do! With IF, these things are done for us. She goes into detail about we can tame grehlin and hear leptin signals. She delves into toher food controls, including the ability to eat closer to what our bodies need (30% less than what we typically ate before IF), the beauty of the built-in boundaries IF provides, the ability to practice 80/20 including parties and special occasions, and much more.

The “other benefits” that Donna describes would be enough to keep anyone on the IF train, even if weight loss isn’t so fast. These include time, money, energy, and trash savings; metabolism boosting; dopamine spikes less with less frequent eating, resulting in our not desiring certain foods as much; inch loss; eating all macros; simplicity; disease prevention; longevity; cognitive function; and so much more!

This week’s broadcast is sponsored by Plexus supplements. Specifically, Donna taught about Plexus Slim, the pink drink. She described the XOS—Prebiotic version that feeds the good bacteria in our guts and the Hunger Control—Appetite Suppressing version that gives us fiber to fill our guts up and keep us from overeating. Both Slims balance blood sugar, give energy, enhance mood, help with sleep, provide antioxidants, and much more. Try your free sample today by going HERE.



I. Our Fasting Journey

A. Weight and sizes

1. Sixteen months for me—25 pounds and 18 pounds to go; from a 14 to a 10
2. Fourteen months for Ray—75 pounds and 25 pounds to go; from a 48 to 38

B. Only inch loss for both of us since November vacation (a couple of pounds here and there)

II. Why We Will Always Practice Some Form of IF


A. Weight and size victories

1. What was happening before IF?

a. Always trying some form of dieting
b. Never kept weight off—lost 100 pounds; 40 pounds; 40 pounds; 50 pounds; and many 20 pound losses
c. Struggling between perfection or near perfection and guilt
d. I’ve never been able to lose and keep it off while still enjoying typical foods, all macros, and no severe restriction

2. Weight

a. One measurement
b. Not measurement that shows up to other people, clothing, strength, etc.
c. While we want to achieve a healthy weight, this is the last thing I look at in my victories
d. Eight pounds away from a 100 pound weight loss over the past dozen years—never kept off what I lost before consistently like with IF

3. Size

a. Never been motivated enough to keep a strength training protocol going
b. Never wore as small a size as I do now except for the other time I lost 100 pounds (only for one month!)
c. Never felt like I could get bloating down and look better easily within 24 and 48 hours like fasting can do for our size (pants tight? Fast! Face puffy? Fast! Rings tight? Fast!)

B. Appetite Correction

1. Taming Grehlin

a. Hunger hormone—tells us when we are hungry
b. Never able to control this with any other eating protocol
c. Hungry between meals; hungry before bed, etc.
d. IF has let me control my hunger rather than the other way around

2. Hearing Leptin

a. Leptin is the satiety hormone; people with excess body weight should be signaled by leptin to stop eating….but those with leptin resistance (i.e. most overweight people) do not hear the leptin signals
b. Through IF and the things I have learned (water, fiber, real foods, not drinks, exercise, eating in a small window, etc.), I can hear leptin for the first time in my life that I can remember
c. Leptin sensitivity also causes us to move more willingly—I have never wanted to move more prior to IF
d. The other ways to “fix” leptin resistance include diet and exercise—so you aren’t hearing leptin signals, which causes you to eat more, and you don’t hear leptin telling you to move more, but you can solve this problem through diet and exercise—the very things that this hormone you are trying to hear better will not tell you!!!!

C. Other Food Controls

1. Overall, most of us need to eat 30% less than we do—for longevity, weight management, disease prevention, and more
2. Without AC (above), this is really hard to do
3. Without the boundaries of time, this is really hard to do—we think we are going to “diet” or “not eat this” or “not eat that,” but without AC, boundaries of time, blood sugar balancing, overeating in general on calorie dense foods, we grab a bite of this, take these cookies to bed, pull out the chip bag at 9pm, eat a bagel or donut on the way to work, etc.
4. Food controls in IF are so black and white, so doable, and eventually pay off in weight loss and especially recompositioning of our bodies—if we aren’t fasting, the caloric load will increase greatly without super human willpower that we know will not last for long (because without AC, the boundaries of IF, and other things I am teaching and learning, we can’t sustain willpower)


D. Food Freedom

1. While we use AC, time boundaries, and ways to get in our fruits/veggies/fibrous foods/protein within IF, the food freedom has been phenomenal.
2. Without counting but just adopting an 80/20 protocol (80% of the time fruits, veggies, fibrous foods, protein, real foods and 20% “Reish party foods”!), we have been able to lose one to six pounds a month, go down in clothing size/inches, and feel amazing very consistently.
3. What other protocol can we follow that allots for 20% partying, no counting, and consistent weight and inch loss and sustaining?
4. Huge part of the food freedom simply comes from condensing all calories into a small eating window

a. When you eat 1800 calories over 6 eating periods, you have to average 300 calories a time (think all Weight Watchers or vegan foods).
b. When you eat 1800 calories over OMAD/3, that is something like 400 calorie snack; 1200 calorie meal; 400 calorie dessert. This allows you to go out to eat, to eat celebratory meals, etc. that you cannot do with a 300 calorie per eating time approach
c. Even at 2MAD, you have two 900 calorie meals

E. Other Freedoms

1. Time
2. Money
3. Energy spent on food preps
4. Trash


F. Other Benefits

1. Metabolism booster (up to 14%)
2. Less desire to eat unhealthy foods: The more frequently you eat, the more you want to eat (blood sugar spikes, dopamine spikes in the brain, etc.)
3. Sense of control that you can’t get striving on severe restrictions
4. Natural calorie control
5. The option to eat all macros—super important for general health
6. Fat burning so inch loss often precedes weight loss (clothing sizes and how you look in your clothes)
7. Simple—don’t plan your life around food
8. More similar to how we were created to eat—not food available in fridge and gas stations every 2-3 hours
9. When you control one of the hardest areas of life to control, that control spills over into other areas—housekeeping, job, working out, eating what your body wants and needs, etc.


G. Huge Health Benefits—more research coming out all the time!

1. Disease prevention
2. Longevity
3. Brain health
4. Cognitive improvements


III. Plexus Sponsor: Plexus Slim (two versions of the pink drink!)


A. Plexus Slim

1. Ingredients

a. Chromium
b. Green coffee bean extract (equivalent of one cup of DECAF coffee in
natural caffeine–never found to have caffeine)
c. Garcinia Cambogia
d. Alpha Lipoic Acid
e. Mulberry Fruit Extract
f. Stevia leaf
g. Colored with beet root extract

2.Benefits–XOS—Prebiotic formula

a. Microbiome-activating formula clinically demonstrated to improve gut health and weight loss
b. Feeds your gut with beneficial prebiotics—look up Akkermansia rats; our prebiotic increases akkermansia so that hunger is reduced and metabolism is boosted
c. Supports healthy glucose metabolism (made originally for diabetics)
d. Tastes great
e. Increases lactobacillus by 365 times and bifidobacterium by 290times–contributes to overall health
f. No artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors
g. Raspberry-lemon-watermelon flavor

3.Benefits—Hunger Control formula

a. Same ingredients as listed above
b. Supports healthy glucose metabolism
c. Tastes great
d. No artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors
e. Fills stomach up with polydextrose to make you eat less
f. Citrus flavor

4. Using Plexus Slim Hunger Control With Daily IF

a. During fast

i. 20 calories but only 2 net carbs
ii. ii. Designed to balance blood sugar levels, so will not cause an insulinspike
iii. iii. Immediately takes away hunger
iv. Hunger reduction will continue for hours after consuming

b. Thirty to sixty minutes before opening window or before OMAD

i. Water mixes with the polydextrose to expand and fill up stomach
ii. Hunger is reduced
iii. Stomach capacity is shrunk
iv. You will feel full more quickly and not get hungry after


B. Learn more about Plexus

1. Visit our store HERE

2. Hunger Control Slim (pink drink) HERE

3. Try a free sample of Plexus Slim Hunger Control (pink drink) HERE







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