In Week 13 of the Daily Intermittent Fasting Journal Podcast/Videocast, Donna Reish chronicles her 13th week of Daily IF. She discusses her results of losing just under one pound a week despite being on vacation or holiday one third of the time during these three months! (That has never happened with vacays and holidays!) She teaches about studying what works best for each person—the Study of One as Dr. Bert Herring calls it in Appetite Correction. She talks about applying what you learn about yourself to your fasting hours, opening your eating window, choosing your fasting window length, and more. Donna also discusses how OMAD/3 (One Meal a Day divided into three distinct eating times) and how this helps to bring in boundaries for those who feel that Daily IF without eating restrictions is too loosey-goosey for them. Donna discusses her and her husband’s changes in eating patterns from 9:00 snacks at night to none and the positive effect this has had on their fasting. Finally, she discusses building belief about Daily IF–how we act on what we believe, and in order to make this a lifestyle, we must believe that it leads to the desired results.







A. What I Did/My Results


1. Averaging 19 Hours a Day Fasting/5 Hours Eating

a. Averaging 19 to 20

b. Never going below 19?

c. Lengthening eating window for truly “special occasions”–every day can’t be a “special day”

d. Study of one–finding what works best for you!


2. OMAD/3—One Meal a Day divided into 3 parts; amazing built-in boundary for me!

a. Appetizer/soup/salad/snack–I usually make this low carb to stay in ketosis longer

b. Main entree’/meal–one to three hours after window is open

c. Dessert or snack before window close if wanted/needed


3. Found “Sweet Spot”

a. 19:5/averaging 20 hours/sometimes 22 or 23 and sometimes 17 or 18

b. Opening with low carb

c. Saving treats for after dinner

d. Eating what I want during dinner

e. Bedtime snacks thing of the past


4. Weight–10 pounds in 13 weeks



B. Listener Lessons


1. How Strong Is Your Belief?


2. Building Belief–think about things you have done consistently (for me homeschooling, child training

a. Social Media Groups

b. Accountability

c. Reading/watching/listening


3. Belief That Takes You to Your End Goal

a. Other things too hard? What do you believe?

b. Is your protocol something you can do forever?

c. Adjusting to fit belief



C. Supplementation–ProBio 5: non-caloric/non-flavored


1. Ran out of time…..including ProBio 5 video


2. Video:





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1) “Delay, Don’t Deny” book (amazing!)

2) “The Obesity Code” book

3) “Feast Without Fear” book

4) “The Complete Book of Fasting” (Jason Fung)

5) “Appetite Correction” book

6) “9 Facts About Plexus Slim” article

7) Free sample Plexus Slim

8) Our Plexus store

9) “Fasting Inferno” blog post with fun YouTube song and lyrics!

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