Donna Reish, blogger, author of over 100 language arts/writing curriculum books, and Intermittent Fasting teacher, inspires listeners by reminding IFers how they become true “managers” of their lives through their success with this lifestyle. She explains that while we have many areas of our lives that are out of our control, the body balancing and empowerment that comes through IF helps us to be able to manage our lives like never before. She first describes how Fat Adaption and Appetite Correction make it easier for us to stick with fasting—and this control over food (sometimes for the first time in our lives) gives us layers of self control that we never knew we could have. Donna explains how success breeds success in our lives—and especially in an area as challenging as food control. She describes the self confidence that comes from weight loss and size loss, especially when it comes about from something that we can honestly do forever (not a diet or quick weight loss plan). Donna explains the many health benefits that come from simply doing “nothing” in a world in which we are faced with challenges and pleas to do “everything perfect” in order to achieve health.








A. What Does “Manager” of Your Life Mean?

1. Life can be overwhelming—and we often feel like we have no control over different areas of it
2. We sometimes do not feel that we “manage” our own lives—but rather circumstances, habit, emotions, cravings, and desires do
3. To manage our lives means that we take back control in certain areas that might have eluded us before
4. It is a sense of control where we formerly didn’t have control
5. It is to be in control of those things we can control—habits, emotions, cravings, desires, etc.
6. It is something that we are finally able to do with the help of Intermittent Fasting


B. Once You Become Fat Adapted and Have Appetite Correction, You Can Easily Do Other “Easier” Things

1. Maybe food control, weight management, and fitness has eluded you for a long time
2. When you can’t control food, it carries over to other areas often resulting in depression, overwhelm, and feelings of failure
3. When Fat Adaption occurs, we know that our body is burning fat during our fast. This gives us another layer of self control.
4. When Appetite Correction occurs, we are often shocked that we have this new control. We have it more than we do not, so even our “bad days” are not that bad because we have so many good ones.


C. Success Breeds Success, Especially When It Is Something So Difficult

1. Have you ever seen someone who finally “got it”? They lost weight, started exercising, and look like they are on the top of the world.

a. They did something SOOOO hard
b. If they maintained it, they might even seem a bit arrogant (though they might not mean to at all—it is just an air of confidence because this WAS hard to do—and they finally did it)

2. Confidence to step out in other areas
3. You start to feel like, “Hey, I did one of the hardest things in the world, so I can do anything now!”


D. Controlling Emotional Eating and Bingeing Is So Empowering

1. IF makes you feel different—like I AM successful…wow! How did this happen?
2. While IF in itself might not “heal” your emotional eating, the built-in checks and balances of IF, along with the specific eating window, the goal-oriented nature of IF each day, and the definite open and shut times of eating windows go a long way in retraining our emotional eating patterns
3. Because your body is working FOR you rather than AGAINST you, you don’t feel alone—you feel like you have a super power helping you


E. Weight Loss and Size Loss Leads to Confidence

1. This is true in any weight loss protocol, but it is especially true when we are doing something that we think we can do forever
2. When we lose weight on IF, we know that we can continue; we know that we can keep it up; we know that we can keep off those pounds and inches


F. When We Practice Intermittent Fasting, We Are Reaping Health Benefits Simply by Doing Nothing

1. So much health and nutrition info out there—and we are bombarded with things to do
2. We often feel “out of control” because we feel like we can’t do it right anyway
3. With IF, we have health benefits even when we aren’t “doing it all”
4. This makes us feel that we can manage our lives much more—we can actually improve our health even if we don’t “do it all”!
5. Research agrees on one factor resulting in longer life—30% fewer calories and less food!


G. Being on IF as a lifestyle, we have gained control over areas that we previously have not controlled—so we now can manage our own lives well!


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