In Week 8 of The Intermittent Fasting Journal podcast/video, Donna Reish, blogger and “Fasting Inferno” parody writer, describes her eighth week of Daily IF, including 20 hour fasting window, weight loss . spite of vacations and holidays, how much easier IF is than her previous 40 years of dieting (!), and more. She details, using Dr. Jason Fung’s refrigerator and freezer examples, how the body burns its own fat stores through I, the importance of a clean fasting window, and how to make your body crave healthier foods. She also teaches about the book, What to Say When You Talk to Yourself, and applies his self-talk approaches to Daily IF–including self-talk, self-write, self-conversation, and even self-sing.






A. What I Did

1. Averaged 20 hour fasting windows

2. Learned more about self-talk

3. Started eating healthier in my window (but still eating carbs and desserts!)

4. Threw in some low carb days



B. Results

1. 8 weeks/7 pounds

2. So much easier than 40 previous years of “diets”

3. Self control is amazing!

4. Short term deprivation is doable!



C. What I learned–Lessons for Listeners

1. Fast is most important part

2. What you eat in window is smaller but still makes a difference

a. Low carb can put you into fat burning earlier–but you don’t have to stay there

b. Crave what you open your window with (Mark Sisson)

3. Motivations–“What to Say When Talk to Self”

a. Self Talk

b. Self Write

c. Self Sing

d. Self Conversation



D. Plexus Supplements

1. Four Main Weight Loss

a. Pink Drink/Plexus Slim

b. Fat fighters/weight loss accelerators–equivalent of one cup of coffee per capsule

i. Accelerator–also good for depression

ii. Boost–also great for appetite suppressant

c. Block–blocks 48% of carbs and makes you feel full


2. TriPlex

a. Plexus Slim

b. BioCleanse

c. ProBio 5



Below are a couple of links to books I use and love. I am an affiliate for If you click on the links below I will earn a small commission. Thank you for your support of this blog!


Resources Specific to This Podcast

1) What to Say When You Talk to Yourself

2) Think Up–self talk app

3) Zero–fasting app

4) TriPlex

5) TriPlex video



5 Ways to Find Me and Find Out More About Daily Intermittent Fasting!

(1) FB Group for Support and Daily Help

(2) Blog with all videos, articles, 5 Top Tips for IF Slideshow, and more.

(3) IF Journal Podcast at iTunes

(4) YouTube channel

(5) Donna Reish Blogger FB Page



1) “Delay, Don’t Deny” book (amazing!)

2) “The Obesity Code” book

3) “Feast Without Fear” book

4) “The Complete Book of Fasting” (Jason Fung)

5) “Appetite Correction” book

6) “9 Facts About Plexus Slim” article

7) Free sample Plexus Slim

8) Our Plexus store

9) “Fasting Inferno” blog post with fun YouTube song and lyrics!

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