Welcome to the second episode/week of The Intermittent Fasting Journal podcast! I learned so much in my second week–including that what the experts say about it getting easier and easier as time goes on is true! Yay us! I hope you like the format of the podcasts/videos. I am trying to pack as much “education” (teacherish!) into each one as I can while still being very experiential/journal-like. I also hope that you will follow my journey/journal even if you have no interest in supplements. I purposely do all of the “journey” and the “results” and more in the podcast and tell you at the end that I am going to discuss the supplements that I am using and how they are helping me. This way you can learn even if you don’t want to hear the “commercial’! 🙂 I am so excited about this way of life already! I hope it helps you as well!


Oh, and I would love to have you join The Intermittent Fasting Journal FB Group. We are small now, just starting out, but I have big plans for the group as I grow in my journey, and I would love to share it all with you. (Watch the blog and that FB group for my new (Free!) IF Start Up Charts coming out in December!)


Listen to this second episode at my podcast:




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Outline and Show Notes for The Intermittent Fasting Journal: Episode Two/Week Two


(1) What I Did

a. 19:5

b. Focused on feasting windows

c. No sugar days

d. Started AG appetite correction!


(2) Results

a. Surprised how easy

b. Learned 12+ hrs = fat burn

c. Not hungry

d. Lost 1 lb.

e. Compliments!

f. Still clock watching



(3) What I Learned

a. You can have whatever you want 3-8 hrs

b. Talk about alternatives

c. Groups


(4) Plexus–Plexus Slim:

a. appetite control, carb cravings reduction, prebiotic for metabolism boosting, energy, and much more!


Below are a couple of links to books I use and love. I am an affiliate for Amazon.com. If you click on the links below I will earn a small commission. Thank you for your support of this blog!



1) “Delay, Don’t Deny” book (amazing!)

2) “Appetite Correction” book

3)  “Feast Without Fear” book

4) The Intermittent Fasting Journal podcast in iTunes

5) Donna Reish blog (home of IF articles and videos, low carb cooking/baking, and productivity teaching)

6) “9 Facts About Plexus Slim” article

7) Free sample Plexus Slim

8) Our Plexus store


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