“I could never go daytime hours without eating!” “I’m starving if I don’t get to eat breakfast, much less skipping lunch also!” “I hate feeling hungry; makes me feel sick!”


Yep….even die-hard Intermittent Fasters used to say things like that! We couldn’t imagine it either. And yet, here we are…fasting 19, 20, 21 hours a day…eating one snack, one meal, and possibly dessert. And living to tell about it! (And weighing less, feeling amazing, and looking great!)

(Like I always say, “Think about it for as sec….if we felt that miserable {like we felt when doing a fasting blood test or just skipping breakfast before}, would we still be doing it? No way! It absolutely feels completely different three or four weeks in….you can do it!” Insert Donna, the IF Cheerleader pic here! Ha ha)


This video explains some ways you can start—hours and options, benefits of different start ups, how we get into body fat burning, and much more! I hope it helps you!


(And if you don’t have the IF Start Up Charts I keep mentioning as on my “to do” list in the video, I’m happy to tell you that they are done….you can get those here!)



A. Opening


1. My beginnings—a year of attempting 16:8 —-not clean, off on weekends, hard to make it 16 hours; hangries
2. So many options—cold turkey to OMAD, incremental, fat during fast, etc.


B. Cold Turkey to OMAD


1. Just starting out without eating 18 to 20 hours leading to One Meal a Day (OMAD)
2. Look at evening hours in order to not have so many daytime hours facing you the next day
3. Use App
4. Best thing for us was FINALLY being able to give up nighttime snacking; getting evening fasting hours in (from 7 pm on) made a huge difference for me the next day
5. Search in Donna’s Intermittent Fasting Group and/or Donna Reish blog for distractions, coping mechanisms, self-soothing, mindset, talking to self, five second rule, water, minerals, etc.


C. Incremental Start Up to OMAD


1. OPAD—One Plate a Day; OMAD—One Meal a Day, which often includes a snack and dessert and can last up to five total hours….not two meals
2. OMAD/3–Divide One Meal a Day into three parts: 1) Snack; 2) Entree later; 3) Dessert or treat at end if desired
3. Save dessert or treat for end so Appetite Correction will help you control portions
4. Add some fasting time to both times of sleep—before bed a couple of hours and upon rising a couple of hours
5. Try to delay breakfast until ten or eleven and get 15 hours in the first week
6. Next week, skip breakfast entirely
7. Move lunch out a little later to 1:00 or 2:00
8. Hardest hours might be 16 to 19 hours after you’re fat adapted




D. Training Wheels to 16:8 or 18:6 With or Without Keto


1. Hard to lose weight on 16:8 or even 18:6 without doing Keto because it is too long of eating time, too many calories, not enough fasting time to get into fat burning
2. Standard American Diet (SAD) is 300 to 400 carbs a day; even 200 or 250 carbs a day is hard to burn through in 16 hours to get to body fat burning
3. Two meals a day usually yields too many calories for weight loss
4. Many things get you into fat burning faster—fewer carbohydrates, longer fasts, fewer calories, HIIT exercise, etc.
5. Two meals and two snacks is too calorie dense for most people
6. Most people who lose to goal with two meals and two snacks (16:8, 17:7, 18:6) do it by being keto (20 to 30 net carbs a day; 75% fat)
7. If you want to do 16:8 to 18:6 without keto, you can add another program like calorie counting, points, etc., but you would lose the convenience benefit of IF


E. Closing


1. Four months in for me; two months in for Hubby—-35 pounds lost together!
2. Choose the start up that suits your personality
3. My charts are available now!! Get them for FREE here!!




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