Invest in Your Health


I have never spent money on my health—unless you count prescriptions for monthly cycle issues, leg and feet problems, sleep and restlessness situations, and heartburn type of symptoms. Never. I bought alfalfa a little bit to try to tone my skin as I lost weight several years ago…but I have never spent money on my health.


So I get it. I understand fully why people think supplements are just an extra expense that they don’t need to buy.


But now that I’m on the other side—investing in my health every month through Plexus products, no longer taking anything else ever,  exercising four to six times a week (through T-Tapp, walking, Aqua aerobics, and ballroom dancing)—everything feels different.


I hear people say they can’t afford Plexus products as they spend five bucks on a coffee! Wowsie….


Or I see them say that supplements are too expensive while they have a grocery cart full of cookies, chips, and candy….


You look at things differently when you realize you are actually saving money (and your health!) through supplements (not to mention losing weight…yay!).


My friend Lori is celebrating her two year Plexiversary. Here is her testimonial and what she has to say about Investing in Your Health:


“Two years!!! Today is my two year Plexu-versary. Skeptic that I was, I was so weary of being sick.


I have always had energy to spare, but the decade from 40-50 was fraught with health issues. I had pushed myself beyond my limits like moms do sometimes. After repeated surgeries, severe anemia and mono at age 48 (hold the jokes, lol), I simply adjusted to my new normal of extreme fatigue, brain “fog,” and aching muscles and joints that made it a challenge just to get through each day.


During a week when I just started a fourth round of antibiotics and steroids within six months, a friend suggested I try Plexus Tri-plex (Slim for improving blood sugar, Probio5 for anti-fungal, probiotic and BioCleanse — magnesium blend). I thought it was too expensive at the time, but I took the plunge. I signed on as an ambassador to get the membership prices, but I had, NO, and I repeat NO intent to share this product with others.


The rest is history. The first month, I planned to get my money back with the 60 day guarantee, but then it started to happen.



Invest In Your Health



Gradually, intense sugar cravings were better controlled and my energy went through the roof. When I added in the Probio, digestive issues resolved and I no longer had discomfort after eating, THEN I added in the BioCleanse and within weeks the muscle and joint discomfort was gone. I felt great. I realized that my body did not get in the shape it was overnight, so how could I expect for my health to improve overnight.


Two years later and I feel great! Ask my family. Most of the time now I am working circles around them. Instead of napping twice a day, I have started two businesses, continue to homeschool and work a part-time job, and completed a book project that I have been working on for years. Instead of sleeping my life away, I enjoy being productive and living my life to the fullest everyday.


I never thought I would feel this good again. Plexus has been a vital part of my get well journey that gave me the boost I needed to make good food choices and exercise.


As my friends and family saw the dramatic improvement in my health, they also wanted to try it out. As an ambassador, they could simply order from my website. Even though I realized that a my health was worth the few dollars a day I was investing, I was thrilled to soon have my monthly costs paid for. Now I am blessed beyond that and I am able to pay down our debt that we racked up over the last 10 years due to medical costs and illness. How cool is that?


I could never put any supplement in my body that I was not convinced about. I did my research.


I could never promote a company that I did not believe in. I did my research.


Over and over, I see the products help so many people. Over and over, I have seen this company go above and beyond to maintain their integrity and trustworthiness to their ambassadors and customers. I am excited to be a part of this health revolution that is spreading like wildfire.


Invest in your health! You are worth it!”





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