Money problems keep more people awake at night than anything else…followed closely by health.


Becoming a Plexus Ambassador (distributor) solves both of these problems! 🙂 (And the insomnia too!)


Many people would love to have a home-based business—and maybe you’ve even looked into various network marketing companies…..


If sales, parties, inventory, minimum sales quotas, unsafe ingredients, high sign up fees, large/expensive kits, low product sales due to non-consumable products (it’s tough to sell to someone two or three times a year!), or confusing/massive product lines have scared you away, take a look at Plexus.


NONE of those….seriously.


If time to do it (or time given for small return) has scared you, rest assured that you CAN make a full time income with Plexus working half time hours—WHENEVER YOU WANT TO WORK IT!


I was netting $1000 a month within four months of doing the steps that I will be teaching you to do (only working five or six hours a week)!


If running a business has scared you, you are also in the right place!


As a curriculum author of over one hundred books, I understand that people want and need to be taught how to do things. And they want to learn in an orderly fashion.


They don’t want to be thrown into the network marketing ocean and told to swim, swim, swim!


I can be your “ocean swim teacher”—and I would be honored to help you find health and the income you need to meet your goals.



My PASS (Plexus Ambassador Success School) will do just that.


Once you join my team for $35 a year for wholesale prices with no minimums, you will have the opportunity to join PASS…


1) Three 60 minute live online meetings M-W-F mornings (or watch the recordings later that day) in which I teach then give assignments

2) Materials and charts to keep you on track

3) 30 to 60 minute daily assignments that will help you start branding yourself and getting customers almost immediately!

4) Access to me for questions, help, advice, help with calls (I’ll talk for you at first!), and more!

5) Free FB page where my business builders discuss everything (and learn new ways to share on social media, watch live videos of yours truly answering your questions, and more!)


Want to see the products first? Contact me to set up a quick Zoom video call where I show you these effective yet simple plant-based products.


Want to learn more about what we’ll be doing in the trainings? Contact me and I’ll answer your questions!


Want to join? Let’s do it! Contact me!


Feel free to share this link with people whom you know are struggling with their health or income (or both)!


Ray and Donna’s Peeps Team!


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