Welcome to a training video blog post, fasters! I am starting to get my Intermittent Fasting Journal FB group videos up at Youtube and on to the blog! Thanks for bearing with me as I get all of my systems in place for my readers and viewers. I am so excited about the opportunity to bring HOPE to people who are seeking a way of living, eating, and managing health/weight that allows us to “do nothing and enjoy everything”! Today’s video teaches fasters what to do about those “special occasions”! (And how to know if THIS is even one of them each time!) I start out with my mantra that I raised my kids with when they wanted “exceptions” to our schedule (“Can we skip math today–it’s a special day because we have a dentist appointment!” lol): “Every day can’t be a special day even though every day is special.” Then move into determining what really are special days, tweaking your fasting schedule when needed, planning for truly special occasions, and not punishing yourself for special occasions.


Before I get to the outline, I wanted to remind you of some ways you can learn more about Daily IF through me:

1) 5 Tips for Daily IF Slideshow

2) The Daily Intermittent Fasting Journal Podcast/Videocast

3) Low Carb Recipes (I use these to open my feeding window!)

4) The Daily Intermittent Fasting Journal FB Group


Don’t forget to contact me with questions, and I’ll get them answered in the FB group, on the blog, or in video!




Navigating “Special” Circumstances With Daily IF


A. “Every day can’t be a special day even though every day is special”

1. Diet mentality

2. New lifestyle mentality–we don’t need all of those special occasions anymore!


B. Little tweaks for little schedule changes

1. Look at whole week

2. Plan for them

3. Count hours


C. What is truly special?

1. Not something recurring

2. Not off and on


D. Prepping for truly special days–Disney World! 🙂

1. Social obligations

2. Which days can you be close to your normal fasting window?

3. Which days can you be close to 16 hours of fasting?


E. Don’t punish yourself for IF imperfections

1. Back to diet mentality

2. Plan but don’t punish

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