Since we have reached a big milestone in our weight loss journey–losing 200 pounds together—we are getting a lot of questions about our supplement, fasting, and eating protocols. And I am thrilled to pass it along!

(I’m giddy over reaching this goal—can’t imagine how cray cray I’m going to be when we reach Minus 210 or Minus 230 Pound Pair!!!)

So I had lost 50 pounds over many years (and kept it off—that is important!).
But over the past three years, we have lost 150 of the 200 pounds together. (His weight loss total is 105 pounds; mine is 97 pounds!)

And while Intermittent Fasting has been an important piece of our weight loss puzzle, it is one of three biggies….

1) IF

2) Plant-based supplementation (i.e getting a healthy gut, reducing inflammation, balancing blood sugar, and more!)

3) Habits (food habits, exercise, and much more—all the little things!)

So to give the full picture, I have two videos for you:

1) A short version

2) A long version

And a full outline for both! So watch one or both of the videos (scroll all the way down!) and email me or message me with questions. I would love to help you create your perfect “weight loss storm”!

A. Our Journey Thus Far

1. Starting Plexus

a. Three years for me; 2 ½ for Ray
b. He started when I began making enough money to cover his products and my products
c. Began as a way to lose weight and to monetize my “low carb” blog (which is now an Intermittent Fasting blog and is transitioning to Lifestyle Weight Loss blog…..stop counting calories and macros and start counting habits and real foods).

2. Results

a. -150 pounds together since starting Plexus products (-200 together overall lost and kept off last several years)b. Off of all six of our prescriptions

i. Restless legs and insomnia
ii. GERD
iii. TMJ mouthguard
iv. Ray’s blood pressure meds
v. Anti-anxiety/PMS meds
vi. Ray’s anti inflammatory prescription

c. Able to practice Intermittent Fasting 18 hours a day average for 18 months
d. Amazing mood/anxiety help—flying!
e. Energy—no naps ever really
f. Pain relief for Ray’s knees and plantar fasciitis
g. Cravings under control—no more Diet Coke addiction (20 year addiction gone in a week!)
h. Eat better than we ever have –real foods!
i. Both exercise at least 3 times a week; Donna 6 x a week; fitness person!
j. Finances

i. $10K Christmas gift second year
ii. Paid off all debt and vacation

B. Our Plexus Regiment

1. Ray

a. Simple all morning
b. Products

i. Slim
ii. BioCleanse (3)
iii. Vital Biome (1)
iv. Ease (4)
v. Mega X (2—omegas)

2. Donna regular

a. Early am—Active energy
b. Mid morning—MetaBurn (1-2)
c. Right before first meal (1-2:00 or so)

i. 2 BIoCleanse
ii. 2 X Factor Plus

d. Afternoon—Hunger Control Slim
e. Bedtime

i. 2 BioCleanse
ii. 1 Vital Biome
iii. 2 Mega X (omegas)

3. Cost

a. 25% back on all my purchases after $100 of mine or others’ go through my store each month
b. Ambassador already lowest price!
c. Diet Coke alone pays for everything for me!
d. Actually making money since way less junk food, gas station foods, etc.
e. Eating amount we need for ideal weight is at least 40% less food than before we lost 200 pounds together, so huge grocery savings!
f. Most people can pay for Active or Slim with half a specialty coffee or one soda purchase


C. Our Food Regiment

1. First meal—1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon

b. Ray’s pie plate of low carb veggies, Parm cheese, horseradish, salsa, salad, etc. Possibly a piece of fruit
c. Donna—at least 3 fibrous/watery foods from this list: Ceasar salad, crispy air fried chicken salad, grilled chicken salad, green beans, green beans/potatoes, watermelon, pork and beans, chili beans, baked potato, apple with peeling, banana, corn, sprouted toast, sprouted sandwich, sprouted pb toast

2. Second meal—6:00 or 7:00

b. Ray’s pie plate again, protein/meat, egg, potato, lower carb/healthier knock off like homemade Mexican pizza, pizza, tacos, soup, stir fry, etc.
c. Donna—meat and potato; healthy dessert/fruit or small serving of non healthy dessert
d. 80% of our meals are like these

i. I plan what I’m eating that day the night before or the morning of
ii. We plan for Chick Filet or pizza delivery or restaurant meals, birthday cake, ice cream out, etc., so that they do not exceed 20% of our weekly intake


D. Summary

a. Every area—fitness, nutrition, weight management, supplementation, productivity, home businesses, entrepreneurship—is all based on consistency
b. All areas started with tiny daily habits (not grandeur changes that we couldn’t keep up)—I call these 1% Jump Ups, and I add one every week in most areas…..favorite habit book, Atomic Habits
c. Gut health takes a few months to achieve with TriPlex; working with your products (i.e. changing out M and M’s for apple) is crucial!! Take advantage of the advantages the Plexus products give you!
d. Don’t run out of Plexus—don’t give up too soon! Healing takes a while, based on how long you have eating white flour and sugar and processed foods
e. Most health is based on blood sugar balancing, gut health, and inflammation reducing—Plexus addresses all of these!
f. Learn more about Lifestyle Weight Loss at 
g. Learn daily in my free FB group: Donna’s Intermittent Fasting Group

Love and hope,


P.S. If you want to learn more about the Plexus products, join my free Reishes Plexus Peeps FB group–lots of great info there!

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