We went on a grocery fast of $25 per week–so we had to start eating steak every week…..let me explain! The reason for the grocery fast was to try to empty our freezers, refrigerators, cupboards, and pantry of the excess food we had accumulated from gradually becoming empty nesters, but not really knowing how to shop, cook, or live like empty nesters! Part of this process includes using up five years worth of Omaha Steaks that were gifted to our business.



True confession: We have seldom ever cooked steaks. Sure, we made hamburger steaks, Swiss steak, chopped steak smothered with veggies, meatloaf steak, “poor man’s steak” (out of hamburger), and even ham steak. But with seven children on one income for over twenty-five years, meat was more of a “condiment”—in casseroles, soups, stews, and other combination dishes–than it was a “per person” type of meal element.


So when we began getting these steaks a couple of times a year as gifts, we just tucked them into the bottom of the deep freeze. We didn’t want to ruin them, and we honestly didn’t know how to cook them properly. (Plus, we still had hungry teen boys at home, and they were really servings for two people.) But when our grocery fast began, we pulled them out and vowed to use them up. (I know–kind of oxymoronic–someone who is spending $25 a week for groceries but eating steaks every week!)



So I started asking around and looking on YouTube. I found this video by someone that everyone in my FB thread seemed to know but me. (I don’t want much television outside of my few shows on Hulu or Netflix, and I never watch talk shows, reality shows, cooking shows, etc.) Anyway, he is kind of a big deal, I guess….and this video helped me cook my first ever pan-fried steak absolutely perfectly! We seriously felt like we were in a restaurant. (We always order filet mignon in good restaurants!) This two minute video made me feel like a steak-cooking-expert! (As a matter of fact, I didn’t even take pictures during the process as I was sure I would have to try over and over again before I was ready to share it on the blog!)



(Be sure you watch the video as he explains how to tell the doneness of steak with your wrist–something super important for those of us who like medium rare steaks!)



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Succulent, Pan-Fried Steak (SIMPLE 4-8 Minute Instructions!)
  1. ) Lay the steaks out on the counter to warm for at least 20 minutes ahead of time. If the steak is super cold inside, the outside will overcook before the inside is done.
  2. ) Season both sides of steak liberally with All Purpose Seasoning Mix and pepper or just salt and pepper. (I use my Seasoning Mix for everything!) Push the seasonings into the meat with your fingers.
  3. ) Pour olive oil into your pan to cover the bottom and turn the heat on high. You need the skillet to be super hot so that it sears the meat--and doesn't boil the meat.
  4. ) When skillet is hot, add steaks to the pan. It should sizzle!
  5. ) Sear on high heat on the first side for one minute. Turn over and sear on second side for another minute.
  6. ) Tilt the pan and place steaks on their sides up against the side of the pan, in the hot oil and still on high heat, to sear the fat on the sides of the steak. Do this for approximately one minute also.
  7. ) Lay the steaks back into the pan and sprinkle with crushed, fresh garlic and fresh thyme. Continue cooking and turning for one minute per side.
  8. ) During this last cooking process, toss a "knob" of butter onto the steaks and continue cooking. Turning them every minute will ensure that they cook evenly.
  9. ) Continue cooking until steaks reach your desired doneness, basting with the garlic/butter/thyme/fat/olive oil from the pan.
  10. ) Remove from pan and let rest on plate or cutting board for five minutes to seal in the juices.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 steak Calories: 550 Fat: 47 Carbohydrates: 1 Sugar: 0 Protein: 30


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