Coupons. Special sale. Rebates. Black Friday deals. Who doesn’t love a sale? And how much more if that sale lasts a WHOLE YEAR! Yep, our Plexus team, Reishes’ Peeps, is having a Plexus Wholesale/Ambassador joining special to celebrate our new back office store that we are getting on November 5th. (Yay us!) This special gives you “membership” (think of it like Sam’s or Costco) for one full year. That membership gets you the lowest possible prices on all 18 of our amazing, plant-based supplements. (For those who would like to earn some extra money, make residual income, or start a full-fledges home biz, this “membership” also gets you your own store/back office—to order from for yourself or to have customers order from. Biz building is optional. Lowest wholesale prices for a year are not! (Yay you!)


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So….instead of the normal wholesale joining price of $35, you will pay $0 to join when you buy your first set of Plexus products (called the Welcome Pack). Yep, our team has you covered! No joining fee. Just a year of great savings.




Contact us today to learn more or for us to help you join online and order your products!


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