One of my longest standing workshops for moms is an audio set called Helps for Homeschooling Moms. It is a three-part series that begins with “Prioritizing” for one hour then “Organizing” for one hour then “Scheduling” for one hour. (As a matter of fact, just yesterday a FB friend posted and tagged me in her old cassette version of this audio set, telling me and my FB friends how much she learned from that set many years ago. What a joy to see that!)


Prioritizing was a foundational piece of our marriage, family, and homeschooling. The prioritizing skills that we learned in our early parenting and homeschooling days (through workshops, books, and seminars) are what brought us through thirty-six years of marriage and thirty-two years of homeschooling. They continue to guide us as we build businesses, parent grown children, help families with health and parenting, and more.


The mantras that we spoke in our seminars and workshops—and to each other and to our children—have never left us:









Prioritizing will either make or break any business venture. Whether you are an entrepreneur, homeschooler, network marketer, momma of preschoolers, or anybody who has to make decisions every hour as to what that hour should be spent on—prioritizing is crucial.


I hope the tips and tricks in today’s video help you reach your goals!




Where Is Prioritizing Important?

When you don’t have someone or something pushing you

When you are flexible and won’t necessarily lose your job

What Are Priorities?

Think of priorities as actual things instead of vague words

Without specific priorities, your priorities are dreams


Discovering Your Priorities

What’s on the calendar

Where you spend your money

What your kids say they are



How To Meet Priorities

List tasks or measurable goals under vaguer priorities

Must be able to have smaller steps to reach priorities

Having an accountability partner

Put daily/weekly steps into your schedule

Narrow your priorities to a manageable amount

If you say yes to something, you will say no to something

The next thing on the list should be one of your priorities



P.S. What helps you keep your priorities straight? I’d love to hear your tricks!


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