Productivity Training: Systematizing Is the Answer (Video and Outline Included!)


Everywhere you turn people are selling systems. Systems to organize. Systems for daily accountable. Systems for running a home business. Systems for kitchen efficiency. Why is this so? It is because systems work! They make you better at everything you do—more efficient, more thorough, more effective, more productive.


This is good news for me—I love efficiency, thoroughness, effectiveness, and productivity! And, thus, I love systems.

As a matter of fact, I love systems so much that I used to do the systems rather than doing my regular work! (Gasp!) Watch today’s video and read the outline below to learn how I overcome my lack of prioritizing that kept me stuck as a young mom of many. AND…how I overcame it through simple systematizing, prioritizing, and “doin’ the dailies”!





1. Without systems, difficult to keep motivated with yourself as your boss

2. Every business uses systems; run your home like a business

3. Simple systems, not too elaborate (i.e. pictures for each toy shelf)

4. Bigger is not always better



Best Systems

1. Want systems that are able to be duplicated

2. Systems you and those with you can follow and understand

3. Low-maintenance systems that can add other people in



Systems to Implement

1. Dailies are the first system to implement

2. Success breeds success

3. Are you systematizing?

4. Learn how to make system

5. Ask questions about how system could be made better



P.S. Tell me what systems work well for you. How do you make sure you get your dailies done? What obstacles did you have to overcome to get dailies and systems in place?

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