Taming the To-Do List


I was one of those. You might be too since you are reading a healthy cooking and productivity blog. You know…one of those who has made to-do lists at least since junior high (and possibly since upper elementary school!)……AND…you have OFTEN written things down that you already completed just so that you would have more things marked off your list! (And you quite possibly have to have a certain weight of paper and a specific pen and have to highlight completed tasks in various colors of highlighters….oh, maybe that is just me!)


And you might also be one of these….one who has a to-do list that can never actually be done. One who has a massive list (maybe on perfect paper with the most amazing pen) but once it is made, you really aren’t sure where to start.


I was one of those and one of “these.” But not anymore, thanks to the Weekly Worksheet!


The Weekly Worksheet takes thirty minutes at the end of one week to set up for the next week. It divides tasks into categories, which greatly helps with the list making process. AND it uses my ABC’s of Prioritizing to be sure that the most important things in each category are the first things that I do next week.


(The “system” is also in my downloadable Prioritizing Planner!)


Take a listen…and follow along on the outline below:




The Weekly Worksheet

1. Simple system to do in 30 minutes for the next week

2. Too many things to do and no priorities causes problems

3. 1st problem is thinking we can get everything done

4. Categories and priorities important

5. Once dailies are down, we have to look at the to do list

6. Need to prioritize to be effective




1. First Step – Categorize

2. Categorizing allows you to see what needs to be done in each area




1. Second Step – Prioritize

2. Put A B C on each one depending on importance

3. A’s – want to get it done this week, B’s – won’t beat myself up if I don’t get them done, and C’s – won’t get those done this week

4. A’s first after dailies




1. Causes you to think in terms of categories

2. Allows you to prioritize

3. Allows you to ignore the less important things

4. To do lists don’t have to be complicated





P.S. Let me know if you try the Weekly Worksheet approach! I’d love to hear how it works for you!

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