Fasting is simple, right? You don’t eat. Then you do eat. Then you don’t eat again. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. And that is pretty much true. After all, we get to “Enjoy Anything While We Do Nothing.” And “Enjoy Anything But Not Everything.” However, sometimes we need a little help–maybe a little something to help us make it through the early fasting days or a longer fasting window. Some caffeine to take the edge off our hunger. A little salt or magnesium to help balance our electrolytes. Perhaps a multi vitamin to be sure we’re not missing something. Or…possibly something for the dreaded “fasting breath.”


If so, this is the post for you. I’ve compiled some of my favorites all in one place. Just click on the images below to read more/find out how to order any of these things that you think will help YOU during your fast! Let me know if you have a favorite coffee, caffeine pill, exercise series, etc., and maybe I can add it to the list.


Below are links to products I use and love. I am an affiliate for and a Plexus Ambassador. If you click on the links below I will earn a small commission. Thank you for your support of this blog!


1. Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals–Great for balancing electrolytes; help alleviate “sick feelings” of hunger almost immediately


2. Coffee–Caffeine helps suppress appetite and gives you an energy boost….be sure you drink it black so you don’t get an insulin spike


3. Boost–Energy booster with appetite suppressant; great pre-work out addition; all natural; equivalent to one cup of coffee of natural caffeine

4. Accelerator–Fat fighter, mood enhancer, appetite suppressant; all natural; equivalent to one cup of coffee of natural caffeine (don’t take if on anti-depressants or anxiety meds as it has anti-depressant qualities)


5. Plain tea–Avoid herbal teas or flavored teas


6. Wow Drops–non-insulin spiking mouth freshener drops



7. T-Tapp Exercise dvd’s and streaming workouts–tone in 15 minutes a day or less (also helps with saggy skin as you lose weight!)



8. X Factor Vitamin–all natural, reduces hot flashes, 50 essential minerals, gut-health ingredients… will notice a difference in 30 days or money back, no questions asked



9. Zero App—free of charge; keeps track of fasting hours each day and averages for the past seven days.


10. Ease–pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, great as a replacement for OTC, all natural ingredients, including green lipped mussel, serrapeptase, and turmeric

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