Even sugar-free peeps need chocolate sauce! Everybody needs chocolate sauce!

When I was trying to do keto (before I discovered Intermittent Fasting!), I was constantly in my kitchen coming up with some sort of chocolate concoction that my ten-year old palate would enjoy. I found out dozens of things that are great…and dozens that are not so great. I only share the chocolates that I would eat on the blog! 🙂

This chocolate sauce goes great IN things–super for drizzling, dipping, and dabbing! Enjoy!

If you want a darker chocolate sauce, use the healthy dark chocolate chips or chocolate bar. If you want a more milk chocolate sauce, use a healthy milk chocolate bar (like Lily’s). Homemade chocolates (i.e. my PB Flavored Chocolate Bar or Chocolate Bar from Sugar-Free, Flour-Free or “skinny chocolate” or “chocolate fat bombs”) do not melt into a firm enough substance to be used for sauce making (thus, the reason they need to be kept in the freezer).

Note: All syrups and sauces made with sugar-free substitutes lack the stickiness that their sugar-filled counterparts have. This is not a problem when you are after the “taste” of the syrup or sauce. However, when you need the “sticky factor” of the product, the homemade versions might not work. I will indicate in my recipes whether the homemade, sugar-free versions work well or not. See the Sugar-Free Solutions Affiliate Round Up post for pre-made sugar-free sauces and syrups that do have the stickiness.

The homemade chocolate sauce is similar to the caramel sauce—very tasty but not as sticky as those made with sugar. If I want chocolate to “stick,” I use melted chocolate bars or chocolate chips.



The parenthetical amounts are for doubling the sauce. You will want to double it!

Sugar-Free Chocolate Sauce
Recipe type: Sugar Free
  1. Place butter and cream in medium-sized sauce pan. Melt over medium heat, stirring frequently.
  2. When thoroughly melted, stir in chocolate and continue stirring until smooth with heat on.
  3. Once chocolate is melted and combined, stir in corn syrup (if using) and vanilla. If I do not add the corn syrup, I like to add some powdered sugar-free sweetener, especially since the chocolate chips I use are “dark chocolate.” I prefer a sweeter, more milk chocolate sauce.
  4. Remove from heat and allow to cool on the counter (in pan or in an uncovered bowl).
  5. Store in container in the refrigerator for two to four weeks.
  6. May be reheated in microwave or stove top as desired.




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