Intermittent Fasting Start Up Options—Article, Video, and Outline!


“I could never go daytime hours without eating!” “I’m starving if I don’t get to eat breakfast, much less skipping lunch also!” “I hate feeling hungry; makes me feel sick!”


Yep….even die-hard Intermittent Fasters used to say things like that! We couldn’t imagine it either. And yet, here we are…fasting 19, 20, 21 hours a day…eating one snack, one meal, and possibly dessert. And living to tell about it! (And weighing less, feeling amazing, and looking great!)


Intermittent Fasting Weekend Thoughts


TGIF! Thank God It’s Friday! This mantra is spoken by people everywhere—-those who are tired of school, work, daily grind, and typical schedules. AND….those who are on diets. Yep….dieters everywhere wait for the weekend to relax their diet protocols, eat foods that they haven’t allowed themselves during the week, and yes, even “go off” the diet.


Intermittent Fasters don’t need to do this! We can make this a way of life! We might shorten or lengthen our eating windows based on social situations, family events, etc., but we don’t have to go “off and on”!


You can learn to fast as a lifestyle—check out the video and outline below! May the fast be with you!


Intermittent Fasting Journal – Week 9

Welcome to Week 9/Episode 9 of the Daily IF Journal! I am grateful that you have joined me for a peek into my journey–and hope that my words and teaching can be a great help and encouragement to you! Please subscribe at the blog, for ongoing healthy teaching, join us in the FB Group for daily support and teaching, AND subscribe to me on Youtube and Itunes so you don’t miss a video or audio! Blessings on your Daily IF Journey. Let me know how I can help you!


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