I recently announced in my free FB group that my husband and I have been switching to a more 2MAD approach to IF—-and extending our fasting window from 19 or 20 hours to averaging 18 hours. 

This 2MAD (2 Meals a Day) is working well for us for a couple of reasons:

1) I like to be hungry when I eat. I feel that it is a healthier approach to weight management. With a shorter eating window, I was eating when I wasn’t fully hungry in order to get more food in so I wouldn’t get the hangries the next day after my work out. Extending the eating window to six hours lets me get hungry more fully. 

2) 2MAD is helping me look at more real food—and less snack food. I know it semantics, but I like thinking of my food as two medium meals, not snacks and a more “eat a such as I want” approach. Just works better for me. 

(See if 2MAD might be good for you in this recent Fast Shot video I created. )


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