The Terrible Task List


What non-daily jobs do you dislike the most?

For me, it is errands (agghh….they feel so purposeless….then you have to come home and put things away/cook things/organize/store/sort…) and little tasks like writing a letter/email explaining something or preparing a package to mail or cleaning a stack of something….etc.

For those jobs I dislike, I do the following:

1. Make a list for the week

  • Find student’s contest paper and edit it
  • Write letter of recommendation and email it
  • Sort Christmas receipts and invoices
  • Clean out purse
  • Clean corner of bedroom where I have stacked things
  • Print off library list and gather items/put in drop
  • Print off recipes for cooking day
  • Sort new free make up I just got
  • Pack editing bag for the week
  • Print off editing docs for the week
  • Clean out go bag
  • Refill cleaners


2. Prioritize them A or B or C

A. I will definitely do this week

B. I really should get to

C. Could move to next week’s list if needed


3. Then I do one task a day off of it

That’s it. I can do one boring task a day and move on. I don’t have to let this list get so unbearably long that I hate thinking of tackling it. One thing a day.

If you find those “extras” always piling up, you might want to try this. Granted, if you are a “gonna make my way through this entire list this afternoon or else” kind of person, then keep doing it the way that works best for you.

But if you continue to look at stacks, papers, sticky note reminders, etc., because you hate trivial tasks, then give this method a try. Your list will eventually get smaller. You won’t dread doing the tasks. And you can focus on the things you enjoy doing! 🙂


SaveThe TErrible Task List


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