Can we think ourselves thin?

Can we think ourselves fat?

Well…yes and no!

Our thoughts lead to our feelings…and they both yield actions.

If we think negative thoughts about ourselves, essentially bullying ourselves into weight loss, we will have actions that do not get us where we want to go.

If we think positive thoughts about ourselves, essentially thinking thoughts that lead to empowering feelings, we will have actions that DO get us where we want to go.

So….yes we can think ourselves to our results!

And learning to manage our minds and change thoughts that give empowering feelings and productive actions is what Think-Feel-Eat is all about!

I want so many good things for you!

Love and hope,


I. Self Coaching Model Review



A. Believe all is 50/50

1. Effect on thoughts
2. We can accept the unchangeable without beating ourselves up…these thoughts don’t hurt us if they are just part of the half of negative in life.


B. C T F A R—Brooke Castillo’s Self-Coaching Model

1. CTFAR—See Totally FAR! 😊

a. Circumstance—One fact happening right now
b. Thought—A Thought that we think about that circumstance
c. Feeling—a Feeling that is created from that Thought
d. Actions—Actions that we take because of our Thought and Feeling
e. Result—the outcome or Result from the Actions that we took

2. Thought

a. We need to be able to see the thoughts that are unkind or punishing to ourselves
b. We must believe that these thoughts are leading to our feelings and our feelings are leading to our actions
c. We tend to believe all that we think—like if it is a Thought we are having, it must be true
d. All thoughts are optional—we can change them if we want to or need to
e. If we believe all of our thoughts, we will have feelings we don’t want

3. Feeling—

a. Our feelings are results of our thoughts—this is why it is crucial to control our thoughts…to take control of our brain and manage our thoughts instead of letting our thoughts run us.
b. We can go into the model and get a new feeling by going right above the Feeling line into the Thought line and changing that Thought (when appropriate)
c. Feelings are real—but sometimes they are based on Thoughts that we don’t want to have or that do not serve us
d. Goal is not continual happy Feelings that give the Result we want to achieve

4. Actions

a. We take actions always based on feelings…..
b. Our current actions in our weight loss efforts are a direct result of our Thoughts and Feelings….
c. We think it’s the other way around…that we Think and Feel because of our current Actions…but really our Thoughts and Feelings cause us to Act in certain ways (and, of course, get a certain Result!)



II. Negative Thoughts and Beliefs About Us—They Keep Us Stuck in Our Weight Loss Efforts


A. Beliefs

1. We might say that we can’t help it—we just believe this negative thing about ourselves and can’t be undone
2. But a belief is just a Thought that we have said over and over and over again

a. Cinderella—“A dream is a wish your heart makes…when you’re fast asleep. In dreams you will lose your heartaches…whatever you wish for you keep.”
b. “A Belief is a Thought your mind thinks…over and over again. Change Thoughts, you will change your Beliefs too…with new Thoughts you’re sure to win!’

3. Remember, “What to Say When You Talk to Yourself,” tells us that the brain is like a computer, and it believes whatever we tell it over and over again
4. So….if we can manage our brain and get ahold of those negative, recurring Thoughts about ourselves and turn them around, we can change our Beliefs about ourselves!
5. A Belief is a deeply-ingrained Thought!


B. Negative Thoughts About Us

1. A negative thought is any thought that produces a result that is NOT a result we are trying to achieve
2. We think these are facts
3. We can change negative thoughts in general and negative thoughts about our weight and size specifically


C. We Look for and Find Evidence for Our Negative Thoughts About Us

1. Fact of life: When we think something about someone (even ourselves!), we look for evidence that those thoughts are true—we enumerate them, stack them up, and prove the Thought!
2. We become preoccupied with finding evidence for those Thoughts—even if we don’t mean to!
3. These Thoughts narrow our focus…we can’t see beyond them


III. Managing Those Negative Thoughts About Us


A. We can’t just keep the old negative ones and add positive ones onto them

1. We need to get rid of the current negative ones
2. We must believe that we need to change our Thoughts
3. We must believe that we can manage our minds if we work on it


B. We must question our old negative thoughts

a. Is this really a fact? (Usually not…)
b. Do I want this thought?
c. Can I change this thought?


D. Next Week!

1. Looking at specific negative thoughts that we have about ourselves and our weight loss and body
2. How can we change these “bullying” thoughts to more productive thoughts
3. What good thoughts do you already have about yourself?
4. What Monkey Bar Thoughts can you use to change negative thoughts?

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