Seven kids in fourteen years. Tons of stains.

Super Easy Stain Removal

Pre-Pinterest. Pre-internet…..mostly just Helps from Heloise columns and books from the library. 🙂

I tried it all….

But for the past ten years, I have used one trick over and over and over.

And it definitely fits in this blog–helping women to live well (and feel
great!) due to its simplicity.

I have come to love simple. After so many years of complex—nine people in
fourteen hundred square feet. Homeschooling for thirty-two years. Six kids
in school most of the time. Lots of complexities–

And while I wouldn’t change our choice to homeschool for thirty-two years, I
truly love simple right now.

Breathe….feels so good.

No pre-treating. No scrubbing. No concoctions to mix.

Just drop one of each tabs into the washer as it fills up. Wash. Rinse.
Repeat if needed.


Tried and True [Super Easy] Stain Removal


This shirt had tons of little grease stains all over it. (Hubby loves to fry
up ground beef and ground turkey for the freezer!) It came out perfectly clean with this method!

Tried and True [Super Easy] Stain Removal

I forgot to take a before picture of these shoes, but they were covered in
white paint–I forgot to take old shoes to work at my daughter’s. Then I
forgot to wash them when I got home. So the paint had been on there for

Tried and True [Super Easy] Stain Removal

I ran them through the mixture twice–and perfection!

This is a bleach-based solution, so consider whether you are okay with the
item discoloring. I will say that nothing I have used this on has
discolored, but with bleach, I feel like I need a disclaimer!

When I originally heard this idea, the book said to do this only if you
don’t care if the item is partially “bleached.” I have never had that
happen, so I don’t bat an eye using this. Just be sure the washer is at
least half full of water before adding the garment/shoes.

Oh, and don’t put your other laundry in with it–just run the stained
item(s) alone.

Tried and True [Super Easy] Stain Removal

  • 1 tab bleach tablets
  • 1 packet of automatic dishwasher soap

1. Drop both packets into running water in the washing machine.

2. When water is almost filled, add clothing or shoes.

3. Note: I use twice as much water as I need for the item(s). Thus, if I
would only need to run a small load for one pair of tennis shoes, I run a
medium load. This isn’t absolutely necessary, but it assures me that the
bleach won’t be too concentrated.

3. Run without any laundry soap.

4. Repeat if needed.



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