In this video, Donna Reish, author of over a hundred curriculum books for kids, blogger, health seeker, and Intermittent Fasting teacher, explains her two coaching options currently available. The first one is her month-long Intermittent Fasting course ( in which Donna guides her students via daily videos, outlines, graphics, charts, and images in everything they need to get started on IF! This comes with a private course FB group in which Donna interacts with students daily and answers questions as they come up. This course is truly “a month to learn it; a lifetime to live it!” Secondly, Donna describes her health and weight management coaching for her and her team’s Plexus Ambassadors and customers. With a minimum monthly purchase of plant-based, health-changing Plexus supplements, users are invited to join her closed FB group called Reishes’ Serious Plexus Peeps where Donna will address tons of issues related to health, fitness, food, and weight management in live videos three times each week! Consider one or both options in which you will learn how to help your body help you achieve your goals!!!






A. Donna’s Intermittent Fasting Course—next session starts Monday, January 7th


1. From students:

a. “I have been so happy to hear from many students:
b. “Two belt holes in one month!”
c. “I never thought I could do this, but your daily help and teaching made it possible for me!”
d. “Down 21 pounds and not looking back!”
e. “So grateful for the info on how to cope….it made the first couple of weeks bearable!”
f. “Inches lost everywhere….and still going down!”
g. “Feeling great….not as hard as I thought it would be!”
h. “Doctor took me off of two shots a day and four pills a day already!”


2. What it contains

a. Day 1: Our First Fast….Fasted vs. Fed, beginning charts, etc.
b. Day 2: Fasting Spectrum…..staying as close to “clean” on the spectrum as possible; three types of IF coping
c. Day 3: Coping Consumptions….what to intake and drink during fast to help with early fasting
d. Day 4: Coping Mechanisms and Distractions….Self talk, blocking, etc.
e. Day 5: Fasting Protocols…..fat loss and fat burning hours; four general fasting protocols for Daily IF
f. Day 6: OMAD/3 and Other Boundaries
g. Day 7: Review and Definitions
h. Day 8: Insulin and Glucagon…..Insulin and Glucagon timeline and their effect on each other
i. Day 9: Hunger and Satiety…2 hormones Ghrelin and Leptin
j. Day 10: 4 Benchmarks for Food
k. Day 11: Appetite Correction
l. Day 12: Fat Adaption
m. Day 13: 4 Ways We Lose Weight With IF
n. Day 14: Calories In/Calories Out Game…..a base calorie level and a dozen effects on whether you will gain or lose
o. Day 15: Macronutrients—what are they; how they affect weight loss; foods that fall in each one
p. Day 16: Health Benefits of IF and Triple E….autophagy, longevity, and more
q. Day 17: Habits and Food Associations……Habits of Successful Intermittent Fasters
r. Day 18: Consistency and Choosing Specials……the effects of consistency on IF and how to determine if something is special enough to alter fasting schedule
s. Day 19: Varying Eating Windows and Fasting in Real Life…..week long eating and fasting windows chart to show how to prepare for shorter fasts and longer fasts
t. Day 20: Building Belief….in IF, in yourself…resources
u. Day 21: Quicker Weight Loss With IF
v. Days 22-28 Live Q and A Videos as Questions are Submitted….plus past course months’ Q and A Videos in your classroom!


3. Get life-changing information and life-changing daily help!

a. “A month to learn it; a lifetime to live it!”
b. Daily course material in your classroom—a 30 minute video, outlines, graphics, images, and more!
c. You WILL be able to live the Intermittent Fasting life after this course—you will be equipped AND have the first month of the hardest part behind you!
d. You will understand what is happening to your body—how it can help you burn fat better, reduce cravings more, etc. I want you to understand it all! 😊
e. And I will answer your questions anytime!!! Honest!
f. Text or call today for more info: 260-433-4365





B. Reishes Serious Plexus Peeps—FB Group for Weight and Health Coaching for Plexus Customers and Ambassadors From Our Team


1. Three videos per week on topics related to health, weight management, nutrition, calories, macronutrients, habits, and more

a. Sleep
b. Calories
c. Calorie cycling
d. Ghrelin
e. Leptin
f. Macros—carbs, fats, proteins
g. Muscle building
h. Cardio
j. Protein
k. Human Growth Hormone
l. Insulin
m. Blood sugar
n. Gut health
o. Mood
p. Anxiety
q. So much more!


2. Product information on all 20 products

a. Ingredients
b. How to/when to take them
c. Maximizing for your goals


3. Making healthier food choices for your goals

a. Cooking
b. Baking
c. Lower sugar
d. Best fats
e. Protein
f. Simplified cooking and eating
g. More


4. How to:

a. Become a Plexus Ambassador Wholesaler, or Customer under me, Ray, or someone on our team
b. Order at least $100 PV per month in product (We can help you choose your products!)
c. Get added to the coaching group (Reishes Serious Plexus Peeps)
d. Ask questions anytime—I’ll hop on and answer them!
e. Text or call today for more info: 260-433-4365



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