I LOVE Daily Intermittent Fasting…and so do eight of the fourteen adults in my family! Once our kids saw my husband dropping three pounds a week for a couple of months (now more than that!), they knew this was the real deal. Their dad, who was 100 pounds overweight most of their lives, was shrinking before their very eyes. While I started out down to my last 30 pounds or so when I began Daily IF, they also saw me going down in weight consistently–and more importantly, going down in size. (You always look like you lost more than you have with Daily IF!) AND….they also saw me eating whatever we had at the family parties–not eating my own low carb cream cheese dessert instead of birthday cake or crisping my low carb tortillas instead of chips at the Mexican restaurant, and not taking the toppings off of pizza on family movie night. (There is a time and place for that for me as I still keep an eye on carbs during a typical evening–but this celebratory food thing was the real deal to them!)


That paragraph sums up why so many people are joining Daily IF! Family. Celebrations. Traditions. Parties. Vacations. Freedom. The one weight loss and health protocol where you can “eat anything–though not everything”! I think you will agree when you watch the video below! 🙂 And I think you, too, will come to LOVE Daily IF for weight loss and health!


(If you decide you want to give it a try, get my FREE Daily Intermittent Fasting Start Up Charts to learn more and get you started with one of the charts that best fits your lifestyle!)


Here’s an outline for my true life-long learning students out there! (Miss Donna loves to give outlines!)


1) Easier than anything else

a. Other diets–stringent + limits

b. Short term sacrifice; long term results


2) Freedom!

a. Food freedom=formerly forbidden

b. Busy people=time, kitchen work, mind, energy….freedoms!


3) Burns body fat as you do nothing

a. Most diets=what you do=what eat…..IF is opposite= burn as you do nothing

b. 12-16 hours into fasting=fat burning=burn own body fat


4) Simple

a. No programs to join, food to record, elaborate cooking, counting micros and macros

b. Simple=count hours you do NOT eat and hours you DO eat


5) Sustainable forever

a. Can’t tolerate deprivation forever–give up

b. No off and on with IF!



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