Fall Roasting Vegetables

As we head into fall, I am saddened that I won’t be able to just walk out the back door and get Ray Baby’s veggies everyday! I am still heading out there often and getting a tomato here and a green pepper there–I haven’t given up completely. However, very soon that obscure tomato or tiny pepper will not even be there to pick. Sadness…

On the other hand, it is time to turn my attention to buying (and even harvesting in my “fall garden”) and preparing fall vegetables.


Spaghetti Pie (“Busy Mama’s Lasagna”)

Spaghetti Pie


Spaghetti Pie. Freezer entrée. Two phrases that make me so happy together! First of all, my family loves this spaghetti pie. It’s a little less tedious than lasagna (with the more intricate layer…though I never cook my lasagna noodles anymore!). But it still tastes a lot like lasagna. Secondly, it is a perfect “batch cooking”/mega cooking entrée. It seriously comes together so quickly and freezes so well. It is simple to make several of these!



How to Roast Tomatoes

I recently froze spaghetti sauce with tomatoes from our garden. The recipe I used was fairly simple. (I will share that another time!) However, in an effort to get more flavor out of our tomatoes–and into some of Ray Baby’s low carb fare–I began the sauce with roasted tomatoes rather than just chopped tomatoes.


Sugar-Free Syrups and Honey Recipes (Corn Syrup, Maple Syrup, and Faux Honey)


Syrups and Honey


One of the biggest problems with sugar-free baking and cooking is the extra time that it takes. Sure, you can just stick with recipes calling for granulated sugar—and sub in your favorite sugar-free one (See my Sugar-Free Substitutes post!) and be a happy sugar-free-family. However, after a while, you will likely find yourself wishing that you could make those bars with that “Eagle Brand” stuff drizzled all over them or those candies with caramel centers or those milk chocolate peanut butter cups.


New Recipe Index Now Available!

Some of you have asked for an index of recipes at the blog. And nobody has to ask me to organize something twice….I ADORE organizing! But rather than a traditional alphabetized index (or even by food group), my recipe index organizes the recipes by mix that the recipe primarily uses. Thus, you will find recipes under Sugar-Free/Flour Free—using my recommended sugar-free sweetener but with charts available to substitute your favorite healthy, sugar-free sweetener, if desired. (See that Sugar-Free Solutions Chart here!) You will also find recipes under my two flour mixes (but again, other flour combinations will also work—I detail options in the recipes). And my amazing Cream Cheese Dessert Base. And then there are some more traditional breakdowns. I think you’ll enjoy it!


Substitution is the Answer to Healthier Eating and Cooking


The best place to start in cooking and baking more healthfully is to find substitutions for the sweeteners you commonly use. Using a sweetener that you enjoy (and that works well in the type of recipe you are making) is key to changing from sugar (or other high-glycemic sweeteners) to a low-sugar/no-sugar lifestyle.



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