Picture this scenario. You’re a life-long dieter. You have done it all throughout your twenty to forty years of adulthood. Depending on when you began your life-long journey, you have done low fat (and almost fat free) with chicken breast, cottage cheese, egg whites, dry toast, saltines, pineapple, and frozen yogurt (while exercising with Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons—I’m really dating myself here!). You’ve done the calorie counting and/or points. As a matter of fact, you’ve done so many versions of the points that you can tell which things were free and which things *really* cost you in each point system. (Great point counter, you are!) You have gone low carb—and possibly even braved the Keto waters, in which you only ate five foods (green veggies, fat (including full fat dairy), meats, nuts, and eggs). You learned to cook and bake (maybe using this blog—thanks!) and then quickly settled in to a low carb lifestyle when you decided Keto was just plain boring! (Sorry Keto fans…a lot of us think that! ?  We can still be friends, can’t we?)

And you lost weight in every single approach at various times of your adult life! How could that be? It is because there are three primary *surefire* ways to lose weight. I am not talking about approaches for maintaining weight loss (otherwise we wouldn’t have the opportunity to try so many of them!). I am not talking about ease of sticking with them (again, we wouldn’t have tried so many if they had all been easy to do for life!). I’m talking about the fact that we have proven to ourselves (regardless of what experts in each approach say about the other approaches!) that weight loss is possible with a certain mathematical formula (which nearly every weight loss program has at its core when you pull back the layers of rules).


So what are these three surefire ways to lose weight? You already know them…come on…look at your diet history. You know what they are, but I’ll show you in a simplified form with the chart below—and tell me if you agree!




Better yet…listen to me explain it in this video:


So how does this apply to my blog, Donna Reish.com:


1. We all know we eat too much and/or eat the wrong things oftentimes in order to weigh the amount that we desire to weigh.


2. No plan is *bad*! Sure, I never want to go back to full time Keto or full time fat free or full time calorie counting….but that doesn’t make them bad. It just makes them undesirable for me.


3. I love to feel great and live well—and I love to help others do the same. If I can help you do that through education (I know I’m teacherish…I hope you don’t mind!), charts, explanations, videos, explanation, offering healthy supplements, productivity training, and more, I am happy to do so!


4. I think many of us have believed that if we eat real or healthy foods, we will lose weight. If we have had a lifelong dieting journey, we are not the kind of people who attain our goal weight simply by eating real butter or non-processed foods. We need parameters. We need boundaries. We need a plan.


5. We need to do two of those three—and we need to do it all the time (except for a few holidays and a week vacation…seriously…every week can’t be *special*!). We don’t think we should have to. We don’t want to. We don’t think it’s fair. But if we want to achieve our weight loss goals AND maintain them, we need to accept that this is what we must do for life. (Once we reach our goal weight, guess what will keep us there…the same thing that got us there!)


6. More later…..I’m so glad you have joined me. I can help you cook more healthfully, lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, get a ton done, and much more. I love to teach what I know (and what I’m learning!).



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P.S. Which 2 out of 3 are you doing right now? How is that going for you?




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