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It Will Probably Be Easier Than Anything Else You’ve Done for Weight Loss

Most people who have done years of various types of deprivation (keto, point counting, calorie counting, low fat, etc.) find a daily IF protocol easier than the other approaches to weight loss they have tried.

This is because a daily fasting window of 18-23 hours is a short term deprivation. People who have been in bondage to stringent food limitations love eating whatever they want.


It Gives People Freedom—Food, Time, Kitchen Work, and Mind Freedom.

People love the option of eating formerly-forbidden foods during their eating window. The food freedom is huge!

Busy people also love the time, kitchen work, and mind freedoms. Most people who practice daily IF gain one to two hours a day in eating time and kitchen work time–and do not spend as much mental energy on planning their diet foods and regiment.


It Burns Body Fat as You Do Nothing!

Most weight management programs are based on what you DO or what you EAT in order to lose weight and burn fat. Daily IF is the opposite of this—it burns body fat as you do nothing!

After 12 to 16 hours without food, the body goes into fat burning mode. Thus, your body is burning its own fat for fuel–simply by your doing nothing!


It Is Simple–No Counting, Measuring, Weighing, Shopping, Prepping, Joining Programs, or Denying Yourself Long Term.

Busy people, as well as those seeking a simpler way of life, love the fact that you don’t ADD anything to your schedule in order to practice daily IF. You do not need to join a program, record food, cook elaborately, or count macros or calories.

With daily IF, you simply count the number of hours you do not eat (the fasting window) or the number of hours you do eat (the eating window)–or both (if desired). Easy-peasy!


It Is Sustainable Forever–So You Don’t Have to Gain Back Weight You Lose When You “Quit.” (You Don’t Need to Quit!)

With most “diets,” there is the assumption that you are “on” –so you eventually go “off.” People cannot tolerate the deprivation, food limitations, and “rules” forever. (Plus, they find that as they get closer to goal, they have to eat less and less in order to lose weight!)

Daily IF is so simple, adaptable to your life, and health-giving that you do not feel the need to go “off” and then try to get back “on”! Once you reach your goal weight with IF, you just continue with the IF lifestyle to maintain that weight.

Want to Learn More?

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