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5 Tips

to Get BACK to Daily IF If You Fall Off the Wagon at Holidays, Vacations, and More!


Don’t Go Into Punishment Mode!

Keep the main focus the main focus. You know Daily IF works, so focus on that!

We have a tendency to want to make up for our “sins” by going no sugar, low carb, real foods, HIIT every morning, reduced calories, 23 hour fasts (or 48 hour Extended Fasts!). We can’t do it all! (And with a Daily IF Lifestyle, we don’t need to do it all!) So focus on getting right back to clean fasting as long as you can each day!


Walk Away From Food–Literally!

Physical actions can help solidify our resolve. Go to the refrigerator, physically close your window, say aloud that your eating window is now closed, and walk AWAY from the fridge and onto something else that is physical–either taking a walk, yoga, knitting, journaling, running errands, cleaning, organizing, writing, going to an exercise class, etc.

Other physical actions that help solidify our fasting commitment might be tapping out something on our thigh or stomach. For example, tapping out Mel Robbins’ Five Second Rule: “5, 4, 3, 2, 1–Window Closed.” Or “5, 4, 3, 2, 1–Fast Now!”


Don’t Wait Until a Certain Date

Waiting until a certain date or time to begin Daily IF is completely a Diet Mindset–not a lifestyle mindset. IF can be started this very day–any day that you wake up and have not eaten for the past eight hours, you are on your way to fasting that day!

The beauty of Daily IF is that you can reap benefits from fasting anywhere from 14 hours and up (with more benefits the longer you go, especially after 16 hours). Thus, some of the benefits will be reaped as you dig back into fasting even as little as 12-14 hours at first. Everybody has to start somewhere. Start where you can NOW!


Plan Your Eating Window–and Include Treats If You Need To

If you know what you are going to enjoy food-wise when your eating window opens, you are more likely to stay with your fasting window at first. Some people like to look at their eating window in three parts: (a) Appetizer/Salad/Snack when window is open. (b) Main course a couple hours later, (c) Dessert or snack an hour or so later. Regardless of HOW you divide your eating window, knowing what you are going to eat that day helps IF’ers keep their fast better and longer. Oh, and if you still have pecan pie after a holiday–and it’s your favorite and totally worth spending some of your eating window time/stomach space on, save a piece for when it’s time to eat!

While planning what you’re going to eat can help you fast longer, be careful of fixating on food during your fasting period. There’s a fine line between planning your food and dwelling on food. Research shows that playing with/preoccupying yourself with the forbidden item leads to indulgence. So plan but don’t preoccupy!


Work Super Hard Between Now and Your Next Holiday/Vacation to Make Daily IF a Lifestyle–So You Never “Fall Off the Wagon” Again!

IF can truly become a lifestyle for you! Because of the nature of it (simply not eating for XX number of hours each day), it can be adaptable to vacation, holidays, sick days, and celebrations. No other diet has the capability of truly being followed even when you’re having Christmas brunch or taking a cruise! (Usually those events are reasons to “fall off the wagon” from most eating protocols!)

Work on improving your fasting techniques and schedules in such a way that the next vacay or holiday will not cause you to “fall off.” Instead, you can adjust your fasting hours down to 12 or 14 or 16 whenever needed. Change your eating window from an evening window to a noontime window. Daily Intermittent Fasting CAN become a lifestyle for you!


#1 Don’t Go Into Punishment Mode! Delay, Don’t Deny book


#2 Walk Away From Food–Literally! 5 Second Rule book


#3 Don’t Wait Until a Certain Date–Intermittent Fasting Journal Podcast in iTunes

#4 Plan Your Eating Window–and Include Treats If You Need To


#5 Work Super Hard Between Now and Your Next Holiday/Vacation to Make Daily IF a Lifestyle–So You Never “Fall Off the Wagon” Again!

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