Something strange happens around Thanksgiving–or worse yet, at Halloween (!)–for those of us with lifelong weight management struggles. We give up. We throw in the towel (or the scales!). We wave a white flag of surrender (or our white granny panties of surrender!). We start eating during our Thanksgiving cooking prep, and we lose all resolve to lose weight. We even lose all resolve to not GAIN weight. It feels hopeless. We feel hopeless.


The food is going to be flying at us in every direction, so we yield to it. After all, if we can’t beat them, we might as well join them! New Year’s resolutions are just around the corner. We’ll do some drastic diet then and undo the damage. We’ve lost many a pound in January–and we know we can do it another year.


But does it really have to be this way? I know I thought it did for thirty-plus years. But now I understand my body more. I have balanced my blood sugars to the point that cravings don’t control me–I control them. I have learned to plan what I am going to eat–“he who fails to plan plans to fail!” I have lost the “special day mentality.” And I have learned how to get the edge in weight and fat loss by using my body’s fat stores more efficiently….so here are the 7 Ways I Avoid Holiday Weight Gain.**


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1) I don’t see every day from Thanksgiving to January 2nd as “special days”!


2) I don’t have food in the house that is too tempting for me.


3) I plan exactly what I am going to eat each day–even if it is a cream filled long John or Chick Filet sandwich or a Christmas party sugar-fest!  (Read 7 Ways I Beat Procrastination here!)


4) I outsmart the “calories in/calories out” cycle by making my body use its fat stores for energy– either by eating low carb or through Intermittent Fasting (or both). (Check out my IF Podcast here!)


5) I don’t “sort of keto”! (The “sort of keto” diet has another name—the “high fat/high calorie” diet!) (See my article “3 Surefire Ways to Lose Weight” here.)


6) I develop habits and consistency in eating, supplementation, exercise, sleep, cooking, and avoiding laziness AHEAD of time–not during the six weeks of holiday madness. These include self talk and The Five Second Rule. (Amazing Ted Talk on this!)


7) I balance my blood sugars, get rid of yeast that causes cravings, boost my metabolism, and control my appetite with plant-based supplements that are EASY…no blenders, mixing of products, mortar-and-pestle-combining-of-herbs—and NO artificial ingredients! (Check out our store here)


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**I’m not talking about being up a pound or two after a Christmas party or the day after Thanksgiving. Anytime we eat more than our bodies need for a day, we will have water weight, bloating, and temporary gain. I’m talking about the “can’t stop the madness” weight gain! 🙂


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