Chicken “Noodle” Soup (With Low CarbGrain-Free “Crepe Noodle” Option!)


Hopefully, you have enjoyed the ease of my shredded chicken method! It is so simple to put chicken in the crock pot overnight or in the morning and come up with a speedy meal when it is done cooking. There are actually times in which I put the chicken in without even knowing for sure what I will do with it the next day since I know I have so many options that I can turn to at the last minute. (Plus, having it cooked forces me to do SOMETHING with it!) If nothing else, I can pour some bottled BBQ sauce over it and have BBQ chicken sandwiches!


In addition to the BBQ chicken mentioned above, when all else fails, I know I can pull out some chicken broth, enrich it with chicken base (always!), boil some packaged noodles in the broth, and come up with a pot of chicken noodle soup in no time flat.


OR I can prepare the broth, add the shredded chicken, and fold in “crepe noodles” (noodles made by cutting thin, savory low carb/grain-free crepes) at serving time (no sooner than one hour before serving so they don’t dissolve…you will not need to cook the noodles at all).



Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe by Donna Reish



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Chicken “Noodle” Soup (With Low Carb/Grain-Free “Crepe Noodle” Option!)
The calorie and carb count for this with noodles is a typical chicken noodle soup count. With "crepe noodles," the net carbs would be only a few per bowl.
  1. Cook chicken according to instructions in the general section.
  2. Shred and set aside.
  3. Cook noodles in chicken broth until al dente.
  4. Optional: Stir fry celery and tiny pieces of carrot (or carrots that you shredded with a potato peeler) in skillet or in micro with butter.
  5. To cook aromatics in micro, just put them finely shredded in small microwaveable bowl with a TBSP or two of butter. Cover and cook until tender. You don't want the celery or carrots to be crunchy.
  6. Add chicken, aromatics, seasonings, and more base back into noodles and broth. It is ready! Don't keep on low as noodles will continue to cook and get grainy.
  7. If using “crepe noodles,” prepare the crepes and be sure they are fully cooled. Cut them into “noodles” and add them to the broth, veggies, and chicken just before serving.



“Crepe noodles” may be folded into recipes like soups and casseroles near serving time for a grain-free noodle option.








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