One of the beauties of creating something low carb that is as versatile as Low Carb Sprouted Crescent Dough (and the recent recipe post, Low Carb Sprouted Dinner Rolls) is being able to make so many formerly-high-carb foods into low carb foods. Once I got onto low carb bread making, dough, biscuits, crackers, Cream Cheese Dessert Base, candy, and so much more, I could look at a recipe that was previously off limits in low carb eating–and transform it into something low to moderate in carbs! Such was the case with our family’s long time favorite, Hot Hamaramas. (I have since found that they are called Hawaiian Sliders, ham and cheese sliders, baked ham sandwiches, and more. I have made these two two decades and always called them Hamaramas from a restaurant in my childhood hometown.)


These little sandwiches are perfect for low carbers and those desiring “real foods” ingredient-wise–until you get to the “sandwich” part, lol. They really aren’t the same with almond-flour biscuits or Oopsie Rolls. (Though I do recommend you make ham and cheese sandwiches and bacon-egg-cheese sandwiches on the Oopsie Rolls….they really are delicious!)


And these “sandwiches” definitely aren’t the same without any bread at all. So…enter low carb yeast breads (homemade or store bought).



I forgot to take a picture of my healthy dinner rolls the last time I made them, so here’s what the jelly roll pan looks like with the traditional rolls used.



Here are some tips for modifying these Hot Hamaramas / Hawaiian Sliderss for different types of cooks and eaters:



  • If your kids are not mustard fans, even my revised-less-mustard amount might be too much. One of our grown kids leaves out the mustard entirely when she makes this.
  • My guys like more meat and cheese than the recipe calls for!
  • I reduced the sauce in this recipe over the years from my original since I kept throwing half of it out. Even with the amount in the recipe as given, I don’t use all the sauce.


Real Foods

  • Make your low carb bread from my recipe or get your favorite healthy buns for this recipe.
  • If you want more real, yet still meltable cheese, you might try a combination of mozarella and farmers’ cheese or a softer goat cheese.


Low Carb

  • The meat, cheese, and sauce are all low carb, so no revisions needed there!
  • You can make these for 6 to 7 carbs per roll by using my Low Carb Sprouted Wheat Rolls OR purchase low carb hot dog buns and cut them in half to make two sandwiches out of each bun. These are pretty good “rectangular” slider buns that will still be low carb.



  • These are perfect appetizer sandwiches, grad party and shower treats, brunch sandwiches, and more. I have served them at three of our four graduation parties, and people LOVE them—with the King’s Hawaiian Rolls, of course! 🙂
  • They are super fast to make in bulk. You can even make multiple pans of these without the sauce and cover them with foil and stick in fridge. Make your sauce and put in storage container. At serving time, just stir your sauce, brush it on, and pop in the oven.



P.S. Let me know how you made these–healthy for regular fare or with those amazing sweet Hawaiian rolls for a special occasion. And how your people enjoyed them! I am making them for our family’s Christmas Eve this year!


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Hot Hamaramas/Hawaiian Sliders (With Low Carb Options!)
Serves: 36 sandwiches
  1. Place parchment in huge jelly roll pan (or two large baking pans with sides).
  2. Slice the top of each roll and place each bottom in the jelly roll/baking pan.
  3. Layer the ham and cheese on each roll.
  4. Replace the tops of each roll.
  5. Combine the butter, poppy seeds, mustard, Worcestershire, and onion powder; mix well.
  6. Brush the sauce over the tops of the rolls.
  7. Cover the entire pan with foil and bake at 350° for 30 minutes or until the cheese melts.
  8. Uncover the pan and cook for 2 additional minutes. Serve warm.
Low Carb Version: With half a low carb hot dog bun or my low carb sprouted dinner roll, each hamarama should be approximately 8 net carbs. Nutritional information is given with the recipe using the store bought, White rolls.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 sandwich Calories: 191 Fat: 8 Carbohydrates: 18 Sugar: 6 Protein: 15


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