I have tried to make low carb crackers in the past. And even with my Very Low Carb Flour Mix, I really didn’t like any that I tried. When you think about the Power of Dilution that I have discussed here on the blog (along with my ten year old palate!), it makes sense that I wouldn’t like almond flour or my VLCF mix crackers. There is no diluting the flour flavors in crackers! After all, crackers are mostly whatever flour they are made of. Since I am not “keto,” I don’t really want to make all-cheese crackers or crackers made with mozzarella, eggs, and almond flour. Way too calorie/fat dense for the non-keto person. But I NEED crispy. I NEED salty. I NEED savory crisps to have cheese, meats, cheese ball, cheese spread, savory cream cheese dips, etc., with. (And a little lower in the blog post, I have SWEET crackers–substitutions for graham crackers and such–to have with sweet cream cheese dips, peanut butter cream cheese spread, chocolate chip cheeseballs, low carb frostings, and more. And I discovered how to make both of these quickly out of low carb tortillas, lavish, and pitas. So here you go…


Chips and salsa for just a few net carbs!




Let’s start with crackers (technically, you can make the tortilla chips and crackers out of any of the things listed below; I just tend to think of some as chips and some as crackers). The process will be the same for the chips or the crackers, but here are some tips for the crackers:


1) If you absolutely don’t like a “wheaty” taste, you will want to stick with Mission Carb Balance WHITE soft flour tortilla shells for EVERYTHING in this post. These have 6 net carbs per tortilla, and would yield more than enough crackers for one person with a total of 6 net carbs for many crackers.


I crisp whole tortillas to make homemade Mexican Pizzas!



2) If you don’t mind a more wheat taste for the crackers, I highly recommend Joseph’s Lavash. There are four large rectangles per package (as in huge, probably 11″x15″ pieces). Each half lavash (plenty of crackers per person) is only 5 net carbs. (This would be a dozen or more crackers, compared to Wheat Thins at 2 carbs per cracker!)



Try my amazing cheeseball with your low carb crackers!



3) Another cracker option is Joseph’s Low Carb Pitas. There are six “loaves” in a package. Each “loaf”/pita would make a ton of crackers (definitely enough for two people) and each one has 4 net carbs. This would make a serving of crackers per Joseph’s pitas. person for 2 net carbs!


4) Another “out of the box” option for a crisp is to cut a piece of low carb bread in quarters and crisp it in the oven like large croutons. You can butter and salt them before you do this. If you have an extremely low carb bread, such as ThinSlim Bread at 1 net carb per slice or even your locally-purchased bread with 4 or 5 net carbs, you could have a fairly low carb crisp.


Chili with peanut butter crackers. Yum!





1. I like a nutty flavor for my tortilla chips (out of all the choices here–not for my regular, Mexican restaurant night! lol). My favorite is Mama Lupe Low Carb Tortillas. They have a wheat flavor, but not as intense as the Joseph’s pitas and lavash. (I do sometimes make crackers out of these too.) They have 3 net carbs per tortilla, so even if you wanted to gorge on chips and salsa, you could make two torts worth of chips and still only have 6 net carbs!


I crisp whole tortillas to make homemade Mexican pizzas!



2. Another good option is La Tortilla Factory Whole Wheat Low Carb Tortillas, also at 3 net carbs per tort.


3.  Mission Low Carb Soft Flour Tortillas come in white and wheat. The white tortillas are somewhat smaller and also have 6 net carbs per tortilla. The wheat ones are burrito sized and have 6 net carbs per tort.


In this post there are links to the ingredients I use in this recipe. I am an affiliate for Amazon.com. If you click on the links shared here I will earn a small commission. Thank you for your support of this blog!




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SIMPLE Low Carb Tortilla Chips and Crackers (Savory and Sweet Options!)
Each tortilla, pita, or half lavash is one serving of 3 to 6 net carbs each (see notes above)
  • Tortilla, lavash, or pita of your choice
  • 1 TBSP oil or spray
  • salt as desired
  1. Cut each item in shape you desire. I cut lavash, etc., with scissors into squares for crackers. I cut tortillas into triangles for chips.
  2. Oven method: Brush each piece/side with oil and sprinkle with salt as desired. Place on baking sheet with parchment spread all out. Bake for 5-8 minutes, turning halfway through, until crispy.
  3. Microwave method: Brush each piece/side with oil and sprinkle with salt as desired. Place in microwave baking dish (I use microwave-safe pie pans.), spread out and not overlapping. Microwave for one minute, turn, and microwave until crispy, checking every thirty seconds.
  4. For sweet crackers or chips, do not sprinkle with salt but toss in granulated Pyure (or Pyure/cinnamon mixture) or sweetener of your choice as soon as the chips or crackers are crisped. May need to respray with oil and sprinkle with sweetener twice to get it to stick.
  5. Store in airtight container or bag.




More Ideas for Your Crisped Tortillas


My cheese spread or these Laughing Cow cheese wedges on low carb crackers is a perfect snack or accompaniment to veggie soup!


Cut your tortillas larger and make super easy loaded nachos!


Mini loaves of my Low Carb Sprouted Bread make perfect little crisped zwieback toastettes!



Cheese, meats, and low carb crackers make a perfect snack for Daily Intermittent Fasters to open their eating window!



Crisp whole tortillas to make perfect flat bread pizzas!



Nobody will know you are using a “low carb crust”!



Sweeten your crackers to have with cream cheese dessert base, jams, sweet cheese balls, low carb cream cheese frostings, melted chocolate chips, and more.



Crisped low carb tortilla shells cut into rounds are the crispy centers of my amazing Low Carb Girl Scout Tagalongs. For an easy version of this—put some melted chocolate and peanut butter in a bowl and dip your sweetened crisped tortillas in them!



I crisp tiny squares of sweetened tortillas to make an amazing sweet trail mix of these, sugar-free chocolate chips, and my Sweet Cinnamon Pecans! You can also make a savory combo with these little crispy pieces (unsweetened), Parmesan cheese crisps (store bought), nuts, and seeds!



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