My Organization Beginnings and Do the Dailies!



I have been creating Facebook Live videos on organization and productivity for parents and entrepreneurs. I love organization! And I love being productive! I want to introduce each one to you on the blog (one per week) for those who not only love healthy cooking and weight management but also love efficiency in their home, homeschool, and business! So…here’s the first one for you! I will give you a rough outline of the contents to help you follow along….and to glance at to see if it is a topic that pertains to you. Blessings to you as you seek to “feel great and live well”—and organize and produce! 🙂





My Organization and Productivity Beginnings


1. Always wanted to organize and not really play as a child (i.e. Barbie house!)

2. As a high schooler, I made categorized lists of all homework for each class

3. Continued as a young mom to organize but didn’t get things done that needed done all the time

a. Not lazy…just had trouble prioritizing
b. Always loved to create systems—bookcases, closets, cupboards, toy shelves
c. Did my projects rather than the dailies

4. As a scrapbooker, I would organize my containers and systems rather than actually scrapbooking

5. Husband tried to encourage me to not do the projects before my dailies


Dailies Are the Answer

1. Wasn’t until I was able to give up the grandiose to do the dailies that I really became the “efficiency expert” that I wanted to be

2. Once I conquered the dailies, I realized that I could do anything

3. If you can conquer the dailies with little kids at home, you can TRULY conquer everything

4. If you can do anything with children, you can do anything without children…you will have truly arrived!

5. The dailies are by their very nature boring, repetitive, and not glamorous…but they are the building blocks of success


Manage Your Dailies!

1. Make a list of everything that needs done every day….and do not do anything else but those things

2. Do those things regardless of everything else that needs done

3. If you can train and discipline yourself to do the dailies every single day, you will be able to add other things and be successful

4. Your dailies might be different in one year than the next….but you will be able to meet any home, family, personal, of business goals once you conquer that daily list

5. Everybody has dailies…..tasks that if done every day will make you successful

6. Don’t let yourself do anything great until you’ve done the small things

7. Most people never rise to the level of being able to do the dailies….you will truly be ahead of almost everybody else if you conquer the dailies

8. Once you’re successful at something, success breeds success….you will be empowered by the self discipline and the self government that you have through conquering the dailies

9. Don’t do the grandiose, fun, ginormous….but instead do the daily things that make you successful









P.S. What is your biggest productivity struggle? What dailies do you find the most difficult to carry out? How do you think you could be more successful if you mastered the dailies?


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