Productivity Training Following Through on Dailies and Making Small Changes (Video & Outline!)

Learning to follow through on your Dailies will probably be the most important thing you will do to increase your productivity training. We have a tendency to think that if we don’t get to our “long list,” we won’t accomplish much. This just isn’t true. What we do every day is what really makes us productive. The dailies!


Likewise, we have a tendency to think that we have to make multiple changes at one time in our lives in order to really have an impact. Another non-truth!

Today’s video describes how to follow through on your dailies—and how making small changes each month had a huge impact on our success as a homeschooling family and now my success as an entrepreneur.




Starting Out with Your Most Important Dailies

Getting dailies done first (attic on fire)

Fix the things you cannot take anymore

Start with 1 or 2 things and call dailies

Don’t start with big lists; start small


Attaching Dailies to Something Already on Schedule

Much easier to carry out if connected to scheduled things (mealtimes example)

Create attachments then can create attachments to attachments

Make list and add two things each week


How to Keep Going

Believe the system works (dailies matter!)

Importance of habits, not just motivation

Don’t do too much at once

Find an example (someone successful and find out what they do every day)


Making Changes

What is something we should change or work on?

Doesn’t have to be something really big to make change happen

One change per month (360 changes later)

Easy to see what needs change first (I can’t take this anymore!)

Small changes add up to big changes



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