Prioritizing Planner 2018 (Two Video Demonstrations!)


The Prioritizing Planner for 2018 is here–and it is way more than a calendar or even a planner. It’s colorful and lovely. It helps even the “least organized” finally get organized and reach their goals. Tired of the old school planners that have every hour laid out for you to fill in (but without the understanding of what to put in those “hours” except for appointments and kids’ activities?)? Do you wish you didn’t have to take an average planner and tweak every page in order for it to be usable for your productivity habits and activities? Moreover, do you wish you had a planner that TEACHES you how to prioritize and be productive simply through using it? If so, the Prioritizing Planner might be just what you are looking for!


BEST Binder Method for Planners, Calendars, School Plans, and More!


Three-ring binders. Stapled. Binder clips. Coil binding. Report covers with sliders. Paper clips. Pre-made calendars with perfect binding. So many choices for combining those important papers, calendars, and more. I am a veteran homeschooler of thirty-two years and author of over 100 curriculum books, downloadable products, and other books totaling over 50,000 pages. So I have bound, stapled, clipped, combined, and hooked papers every way imaginable through the years. About ten years ago I happened upon a method that I have used widely for school lesson plans, scope and sequence charts for my books, calendars and planner, project task lists, and more. It combines the ease of a three-ring binder (minus pinching your fingers) with the re-ordering capabilities of loose papers. (What?) It is hard to describe, but I hope you will take a few minutes to watch the video I have created below. It demonstrates how wonderfully easy the circa discs and punch are to use. I know you’ll love it–and want to use them for your new year calendar and planning needs! 🙂


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