The Prioritizing Planner for 2018 is here–and it is way more than a calendar or even a planner. It’s colorful and lovely. It helps even the “least organized” finally get organized and reach their goals. Tired of the old school planners that have every hour laid out for you to fill in (but without the understanding of what to put in those “hours” except for appointments and kids’ activities?)? Do you wish you didn’t have to take an average planner and tweak every page in order for it to be usable for your productivity habits and activities? Moreover, do you wish you had a planner that TEACHES you how to prioritize and be productive simply through using it? If so, the Prioritizing Planner might be just what you are looking for!


(Download the first fifteen pages to “try before you buy”!)


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The Prioritizing Planner 2018 is a simple system that helps you prioritize your months, weeks, and days with the following, in this order each month (see samples of these pages here) :


(1) Two Page Monthly Calendar

Every two-page calendar spread is dated and contains the following:

(a) Previous and next month’s calendars in the upper corners;

(b) Major holidays;

(c) Notes section in the margin for adding addresses or other details needed;

(d) Motivational questions for you to answer for the month (two things I am good at, etc.);

(e) Monday through Sunday week flow–more similar to how we work and plan;

(f) Monthly quote to remind you to be your best all month long;

(g) Birthdays list space at the bottom;

(h) Large calendar squares with plenty of room for busy people, families, and entrepreneurs.



(2) Monthly Worksheets–

(a) Plan your month by project or topic with this two-page spread that follows each monthly calendar.

(b) The upper left hand corner of each double page contains a small calendar of that month.

(c) Blocks are laid out for each project/topic, and check boxes and lines beneath each block are provided for the tasks needed to complete that project or topic.

(d) This double page also has a “Big Goals for the Month” section and a “Words to Live By” space for your own monthly motivational quote.



(3) Weekly Memos Pages–

(a) Following that month’s Monthly Worksheets double page, you will find Weekly Memos two-page spread for each week of the month.

(b) Like the Monthly Worksheets, this weekly double page has blocks for each project/topic you are focusing on that week with the check boxes and lines beneath for the tasks you need to do that week for each project/topic. (Use my ABC approach taught in the “how to” video in order to prioritize even further on your Weekly Memos pages!)

(c) These week-long dated double pages also contain a motivational section:

(i) I was already successful at ____, so I know I can succeed at ____.

(ii) Regardless of ____, I will ______ until _____.

(iii) Motivational quotes by successful people.

(iv) A little “I moved” section has you checking off the days that you exercised.

(d) This Weekly Memos spread will absolutely revolutionize your productivity and motivation!



(4) Daily Fives Pages—

(a) Following each Weekly Memos page, you are ready to go to work each day with the Daily Fives Pages.

(b) This double page spread has blocks for each day of the week with two important lists for you to create daily:

(i ) First Five–the five most important things you will do today (besides your Dailies {see Donna’s blog} and family). If you can get to the five most important non-recurring tasks each day, you will be amazingly productive!

(ii) Fast Five–the five things you need to do today that take ten minutes or less in time. Write them down, , get them done, check them off!

(c) No more feeling like a failure due to an unreasonable, lengthy daily to do list!



Get your planner in time for the New Year!

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More details!

+Bright, colorful shapes and design start on the cover and continue to the final page of this motivating planner.


+Developed by a veteran homeschooling mother of seven (32 years of homeschooling) who wrote 50,000 pages of language arts curriculum for homeschoolers and brick/mortar schools during her last ten years of homeschooling. She runs three blogs and continues to produce materials for her readers. Donna credits the simple systems in The Prioritizing Planner as the secret to her productivity.


+Designed by a creative writer and graphic artist, this planner has clean, lovely pages to inspire and motivate–while keeping users organized each day, week, and month.


+Author-created videos to show you exactly how to use The Prioritizing Planner, so you can print yours and start being more productive today!


+Nearly 300 pages of planning spaces that will make a huge difference in your effectiveness and efficiency!


+Printable, fillable planner that has daily, weekly, and monthly pages with purposeful spaces–a complete prioritizing system that guarantees success!


+Take control of your life and business while using a lovely, colorful planning system.


+Great for entrepreneurs, small business owners, stay-at-home moms, homeschoolers, work-away-from-home moms, and anybody serious about time management and productivity.


+Also perfect for those who feel they never succeed with planners. You will know exactly what to put in each space every month, week, and day–to be successful!





Click here to learn how to use the circa discs and binding system!




P.S. Network Marketers and Direct Sales Reps–check out the Network Marketers’ Expansion Pack 2018 that can be inserted into each month of The Prioritizing Planner 2018! Yes! For once, you can have your “regular planner” and your “networking biz planner” all together in one place!











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