Navigating “Special” Circumstances With Daily IF {Video Post!}


Welcome to a training video blog post, fasters! I am starting to get my Intermittent Fasting Journal FB group videos up at Youtube and on to the blog! Thanks for bearing with me as I get all of my systems in place for my readers and viewers. I am so excited about the opportunity to bring HOPE to people who are seeking a way of living, eating, and managing health/weight that allows us to “do nothing and enjoy everything”! Today’s video teaches fasters what to do about those “special occasions”! (And how to know if THIS is even one of them each time!) I start out with my mantra that I raised my kids with when they wanted “exceptions” to our schedule (“Can we skip math today–it’s a special day because we have a dentist appointment!” lol): “Every day can’t be a special day even though every day is special.” Then move into determining what really are special days, tweaking your fasting schedule when needed, planning for truly special occasions, and not punishing yourself for special occasions.


Intermittent Fasting Journal – Week 13


In Week 13 of the Daily Intermittent Fasting Journal Podcast/Videocast, Donna Reish chronicles her 13th week of Daily IF. She discusses her results of losing just under one pound a week despite being on vacation or holiday one third of the time during these three months! (That has never happened with vacays and holidays!) She teaches about studying what works best for each person—the Study of One as Dr. Bert Herring calls it in Appetite Correction. She talks about applying what you learn about yourself to your fasting hours, opening your eating window, choosing your fasting window length, and more. Donna also discusses how OMAD/3 (One Meal a Day divided into three distinct eating times) and how this helps to bring in boundaries for those who feel that Daily IF without eating restrictions is too loosey-goosey for them. Donna discusses her and her husband’s changes in eating patterns from 9:00 snacks at night to none and the positive effect this has had on their fasting. Finally, she discusses building belief about Daily IF–how we act on what we believe, and in order to make this a lifestyle, we must believe that it leads to the desired results.



Intermittent Fasting Journal – Week 12


In Episode 12/Week 12, Donna Reish, blogger, recipe creator, and Daily Intermittent Fasting teacher tells about her twelfth week and her husband’s fifth week of Daily IF. She describes the pattern that she has settled in at 19:5, including OMAD/3–One Meal a Day divided into three parts (see outline). She describes what being fat adaptive means, including the differences between glucose/glycogen store burning and body fat burning. Donna teaches the importance of staying the course, including bringing in eating boundaries and not going off and on and making too many “special occasions.” Finally, she describes several things that affect Fat Adaption each day: number of fasting hours, how much glycogen is being stored/circulating glucose is available to use, how long your eating window is, whether you exercise or not, and how many carbs you are consuming. Subscribe to Donna’s YouTube channel; podcast at iTunes; and here at her blog. Join her FB group where she teaches daily about this way of life.


Intermittent Fasting Journal – Week 11



It’s Week 11/Episode 11 of The Intermittent Fasting Journal! New Year’s Week—and Donna’s hubby is on board too! Yay them! In this episode, Donna gives her week eleven findings and results, including losing weight slowly and steadily during holidays and enjoying a traditional New Year’s Day dinner. She reviews the coping mechanisms of self talk, five second rule, having an earlier eating window that ends by seven each day (and how this benefits her), using the app, and more. Donna goes into detail about her lifestyle with her husband, Ray Baby, who has lost ten pounds in three weeks on his IF plan! She describes husbands and wives planning and fasting together and how much she and Ray enjoy eating out together now as empty nesting fasters. She was encouraged by going into a new year with no deadlines and no drastic weight loss plans in place and explains how to make Daily IF a lifestyle rather than a frantic new year weight loss goal. No time limits! Donna then teaches from AC: The Power of Appetite Correction by Bert Herring with the six kinds of hunger: (1) Appestat–real hunger; (2) Somatic hunger–sensation in the belly; (3) Limbic hunger–drive to continue eating once you’re full; (4) Clock hunger–biological clock–hunger striking 23-24 hours from when you ate last; (5) Appetite-driven hunger–when you visualize yourself eating something; (6) Mouth hunger–urge to chew on something when you’re not really hungry. She ends the main section with how she has finally achieved control over areas of her life that had eluded her even when she had 32 years of homeschooling and writing success–food control. Huge win! We can manage every area of our lives when we are successful with Daily Intermittent Fasting!


Fasting Inferno–A Parody Song to “Disco Inferno” About Intermittent Fasting




Okay, friends, I’m a little over ten weeks into my Daily Intermittent Fasting journey, and I’m so excited that I wrote a song about. Really. I did. (I tend to get excited about things and write about them–A LOT….which is why I have written over 50,000 pages of language arts and writing curricula for kids–I really love language arts and writing! lol). So it is with my beloved Daily IF! But I didn’t just write this because I love IF. Or because I love clever. (I REALLY love clever!) I wrote “Fasting Inferno” for another reason as well…


Motivation. I believe we all need motivation to keep doing the hard things in life. Controlling our weight and health through Daily Intermittent Fasting is no small feat. It, much like low carb eating or clean eating, requires discipline, motivation, and forward thinking.


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