2018 was a year of great changes for us.

(Actually, the last five years have been years of huge changes: graduating our seventh/final child from 32 years of homeschooling, adding four kids-in-love to our family, becoming grandparents, becoming empty nesters, becoming entrepreneurs, getting into the business of health, learning and loving plant-based supplementation, becoming exercisers….so much change!

But specifically, 2018 brought us more health and wellness than ever before—with a total weight loss of well over 100 pounds between the two of us, a sustainable/consistent exercise approach, and more.

All of these changes made me think about resolutions. (See “The Most Effective Diet of 2019 Uncovered by Research.”)

And resolutions made me think of how this December is different than last December (when my husband and I had just begun our Intermittent Fasting journey)….and how next December will be different than this December. (“Squirrel”—I do get random sometimes! Lol)

So I thought it would be fun to presume upon the future a little. To ask myself what I think will be different next December from this one.



So here I go….feel free to share the graphic above on social media and ask your friends these questions too!


This Is the Last December I Will Ever….

~Buy a size large coat

~Be scattered in my focus on biz building

~Not teach writing online

~Wear double digit jeans

~Have just three grandkids

~Use a 5 pound dumb-bell as my heaviest weight in class

~Row for under 500 calories an hour

~See Hubby working 60-70 hours a week

~Not be able to wear sleeveless clothes

~Skip daily devo and biz reading

~Not be at my goal weight

I have some other ideas—but they are not as developed as those (learn to cook in a Dutch oven more, learn to decorate, understand more about my style type, etc.). But that is a motivating list for sure. And it touches on most areas of my life—at least those I want to improve.

I love improving my life. It has been a life-long pursuit for my husband and myself. We have chased down improvements in relationships with our kids and each other like our lives depended upon them—because to us they did.

It is fun now to chase down some other goals—and build on all I have learned through pursuing parenting, marriage, faith, teaching, and writing curriculum for so many years.

Nothing is wasted.

Everything is just part of the foundation of something else.

And that makes life wonderful and interesting.

Hope you 2019 is all you want it to be…

And that you find your “last December that I will” list to be fruitful and genuine.

Happy New Year!

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