2 Flour Mixes & Their Uses


Since I published my two low carb flour mixes, I have gotten questions concerning when to use each one, etc. So until I get the dozens of recipes up that go with each mix, I thought I would write a general post about the mixes, direct you to some recipes using them, etc. So this post will detail more about my Very Low Carb Flour Mix and my Sprouted Low Carb Flour Mix!


First of all, check out the handy chart that shows carb counts in each of my flour mixes as well as other low carb (and non low carb) flours.


Here’s a handy list about my two flour mixes:


Very Low Carb Flour Mix

1) Great alternative for almond flour, coconut flour, or other low carb combination

2) Dilutes the flavors of the low carb flours so you don’t taste one specific one over the others

3) Has lower fat count than almond flour alone and lower carb count than coconut flour alone

4) Is more user-friendly in substituting for “regular” flours than any one low carb flour

5) Is great for crusts, cookies, bars, breading, muffins, quick breads, and more

6) Does not work for yeast products as it is missing gluten, which causes baked goods to rise (in substituting, if a recipe calls for almond flour, you can use this mix)

7) Is “very” low carb because of the very low carb products that are used to make this mix

8) Is lower in calories than almond flour

Click here for the Very Low Carb Flour Mix recipe!


Sprouted Low Carb Flour Mix

1) Great alternative for times you want to make yeast products or want something to be low to moderate in carbs but want people who are “very low carb flour” skeptics to enjoy it too

2) Has a lower fat count than almond flour and slightly higher carb count than coconut flour

3) Is super user friendly in low carb and regular recipes

4) Is great for everything, including yeast products and thickening

5) DOES work for yeast products—though you will need to experiment (see my “Crescent Roll Dough” recipe for ideas)

6) Is low/moderate in carbs (wayyyy lower than most wheat or white flour combinations…much closer to coconut flour in carb count) because of the diluting of the higher carb products

7) Is lower in calories than most

Click here for the Sprouted Low Carb Flour Mix


Here are some uses for each of these mixes. Click or tap on the images below to view the recipes:


BEST Low Carb Biscuits

Incredible Chocolate Cake [Low Carb, Gluten Free, Sugar-Free, THM]


Low Carb Sprouted Crescent Roll Dough Recipe


And you can visit my Healthy Mixes page for even more great recipes using these flours!









P.S. What recipes would you like to see using either of these mixes? I have probably already been testing it! 🙂

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