In this Broadcast, Donna Reish, blogger, author of 100 curriculum books for preschool through twelfth graders, seeker of health and fitness, and Intermittent Fasting teacher, talks about what to expect after one month of fasting and what to focus on for your fasting time and your eating window at this point. (She also gives lots of help and encouragement for new fasters in general!)

Donna begins with her and her husband’s “journal.” She talks about how there will always be things to work around and problems to solve. Being a problem solver is a huge part of achieving weight management. She talks about how she has a little longer eating window now (5-6 hours a day) due to her schedule with her husband and her strength training—and how important it is to eat more healthy and real foods when you have a longer eating window. She also describes her opening snack as “more real food” and less villainizing of a certain macronutrient (i.e. fats or carbs).

Next, Donna delves into what to expect and what to focus on during the fasting hours after a while on IF. First she suggests that you get to the fasting hours you desire—even if you need to do it incrementally. Rushing it and then quitting will not give you the adherence that is required to lose weight. (Get Donna’s IF Start Up Charts and try Chart 4!) She recommends focusing on the fast until you have a groove that works for you. She talks about the importance of flexibility in order to make fasting a lifestyle.

After your fasting is where you want it to be, Donna encourages you to watch out for Appetite Correction! It will be coming soon—ghrelin will continue to be tamed. Clock hunger will diminish. Taming ghrelin will happen through consistency in fasting! Hearing leptin signals will start getting better and better as you fast longer.

This week’s broadcast is sponsored by Plexus supplements. Specifically, Donna taught about Plexus Slim, the pink drink. She described the XOS—Prebiotic version that feeds the good bacteria in our guts and the Hunger Control—Appetite Suppressing version that gives us fiber to fill our guts up and keep us from overeating. Both Slims balance blood sugar, give energy, enhance mood, help with sleep, provide antioxidants, and much more. Try your free sample today by clicking HERE.



A. Fasting Journal


1. Fasting hours have been a little trickier with Ray’s work schedule and not being able to eat meals together—you would think with only eating one meal (and snacks) we could manage to eat it together!


a. Has been more important than ever that I open with a healthy snack with a 5-6 hour eating window instead of 4-5

b. Low carb snack vs real food/healthy snack (not all low carb is real; not limiting certain macros anymore)

2. Working towards eating more real foods (see advice below!)

a. Work with the Appetite Correction that is taking place


b. AC will be in the form of not overeating (i.e. just being “done”) AND desire to eat more healthy foods



B. What to Expect After One Month—Fasting Hours


1. Get to 16-20 hours incrementally if needed

a. Don’t stop or beat yourself up because you are only at 14 hours or so

i. Tremendous health benefits starting at 12 fasting hours

ii. Do a more incremental approach if having trouble upping your hours (Use my freebie IF Start Up Charts—Chart #4)

iii. Focus on getting the fast

(1) Don’t try to make too many changes at one time

(2) Don’t try to restrict eating window so much that you can’t fast well

2. Keep tweaking to find what works for you

3. Be flexible when you want to adjust hours

a. Without flexibility, you will be tempted to go off and on

b. Make it a lifestyle

c. Don’t freak out over shorter or longer fasting days

4. Follow all start up fasting advice while you are increasing fasting hours

a. Restarting IF (video)

b. IF Start Up Options (article and video)

c. Five Ways to Start IF (slideshow)



C. What to Expect After a Month of IF–Eating Window


1. Grehlin will continue to be tamed

a. Your body will continue to adjust to the new clock hunger

b. Consistency is paramount in taming grehlin

2. You will continue to hear leptin signals better and better

a. Upcoming Broadcast (Advanced Appetite Control)

b. Email just went out

c. Learn to do the things that cause you to hear leptin better

i. Fasting consistently

ii. Drinking water

iii. Not drinking calories

iv. Eating real foods

v. Eating fibrous foods

vi. Exercising

vii. Eating protein

3. Make the best choices; make specials just what they are—specials

4. Bring in boundaries as needed
a. Not grazing
b. Shorter eating window
c. Less processed food
d. 80/20


D. Our Sponsor: Plexus MetaBurn


1. Adaptogens

a.Group of herbs known as herbal adaptogens or tonic herbs

b.Long been used to strengthen immunity, improve energy, and enhance the body’s ability to handle stress.

c.According to Whole New Mom: “Adaptogens protect us against stress and help us achieve balance by several means that are associated with the HPA Axis and by acting on mediators of stress response, including cortisol and nitric oxide (NO).”

d. Help the body adapt to stress

e. Non-toxic

f. Help the body achieve homeostasis

2. MetaBurn’s Uses

a. Breaks through weight loss plateaus

b. Helps reduce belly fat and hip fat as it reduces cortisol levels

c. Helps support a healthy mood

d. Increases energy

e. Increases fat burning

f. Helps with cortisol levels

g. Helps with sleep

7 Places to Find Donna and Learn More About Intermittent Fasting!









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