Graduation parties. Weddings. Showers. Vacations. Long weekends. Lake days. Family reunions. Feeding kids all day. Picnics. BBQ’s. Summer can be the best of times and the worst of times! All. Of. That. Food. And the next thing you know, you have fallen off of the Daily IF bandwagon…! I recently answered some reader questions about how to get “restarted” with IF. I hope the video and the outline below are helpful to you as you “navigate” the summer waters! Blessings!



1) Ask yourself is IF is better than anything else you could do?

a. How badly do I want to do it?
b. How much more do you like IF than other options?
c. Would I rather do this than that?


2) Free IF Start Up Charts

a. If it feels overwhelming to go back to 19 or 20 hours of fasting because of the “hangries”—don’t want to have Keto flu, extreme hunger for the first three weeks or so, use the gradual start up chart or the “fat fast” chart to avoid those bad hangries
b. What will you comply with?
c. Do whatever you will really do!
d. Choose what you will really be able to stick with.
e. Do a “restart” that works for you right now!


3) 16:8 Options

a. Not best options for those who want to “eat anything, not everything”
b. If you want to be a “normal” person (#eatanythingnoteverything), 2MAD (2 Meals a Day) will likely be too many calories to lose weight)
c. Try the “fast fat” chart from the Start Up charts in order to get beyond 16:8



4) Eat enough in your eating window to feel satiated but still make a small calorie deficit

a. Don’t eat low fat/extremely low calorie during your eating window for a quick weight loss as this will backfire in the form of weakness and extreme hunger
b. Check out the IF podcasts/videocasts by clicking HERE
c. Check out the 5 Tips Slideshows by topics by clicking HERE


5) Fast weight loss for an “occasion”

a. IF is more successful when it is a lifestyle
b. We can do anything for a short period of time; we need to do this forever
c. Quick weight loss is not always real weight loss (you don’t really lose that many pounds in one week!)
d. Losing weight for an occasion often leads to “on” and “off”—-mindset issue of losing weight quickly so that we can be “done” with the “diet” when we lose the weight
e. Why IF Seems Upside Down Compared to Other Weight Loss Protocols–view slideshow HERE
f. Adopt fasting as your lifestyle and add something that is short term for fast weight loss (knowing you will go “off” of the “additional protocol” when you reach your goal or occasion)—Keto works well for this with IF—but plan to stay with IF even when you aren’t Keto-ing later




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