Welcome to Week 6/Episode 6 of the Intermittent Fasting Journal! I’m excited to be on this weight management journey–and excited to share it with you!






And…here is my outline for this week!


Intermittent Fasting Journal: Week 6



(1) What I Did

a. Added the app Zero

i. Easier to change up the window and see tomorrow, etc.

ii. Keeps track of average—trying to average 20 hours of fasting a day


b. Completely varied windows now…not hard to plan at all

i. Need to count fasting window and eating window if doing varied windows

ii. Easily adaptable but have to pay closer attention to both times and plan for when you will end today and when your eating window opens

iii. Shortening weekend windows as 16:8 or “two meals and snacks” in 8 hours is too much….

iv. Remember that body loses weight through IF because after X number of hours (between 12 and 16 hours of fasting), your body starts to burn its stores–it is not just eating fewer calories…. (See 3 Surefire Ways to Lose Weight video and blog post.)



(2) Results

a. Lost weight

i. Lost another pound

ii. Total loss is 5 1/2 pounds in 6 weeks

iii. So different from most post-vacation weeks


b. Listening to my body but working on control

i. Hunger doesn’t come at all until at least 14 hours

ii. 14 to 20 hours I use coping techniques

iii. Not using fasting as a free-for-all as much as early days



(3) What I Learned

a. OMAD (One Meal a Day, 19:5, 20:4, etc.) is doable for the rest of my life! So exciting!

b. Continuing low carb 3 days a week (More tips in 7 Ways I Avoid Holiday Weight Gain)

i. Wasn’t as hard as other low carb diets I’ve done

ii. Realized 3 days of low carb is a lot like IF—short term denial…it feels easy to do short term denial

iii. Whatever eating you have done previously has huge bearing on how you view IF–whether it seems easy or hard, short term/long term, etc.

iv. Low carb 3 days a week balances out my longer eating window on weekend—helps me get into ketosis/fat burning sooner in the week after eating desserts on weekend



(4) Plexus Products

a. Three main weight loss products

i. Slim–pink drink…

1) Balances blood sugar, controls cravings, reduces appetite, prebiotics that boost metabolism and decrease appetite

2) Sweetened with stevia–5 calories

3) Does not make me crave or cause an insulin response (some say stevia or fruit flavored/no cal drinks do) since it is specifically designed to lower blood sugar

4) If it causes cravings, you can open your eating window with it instead but it does give energy, suppresses appetite, etc., so I like it during my fast

5) Slim’s prebiotic raises akkermansia, shown to increase metabolism and reduce appetite (Google images: rats with akkermansia)

ii. Boost–herba mate–very effective at curbing appetite; also has natural caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee per capsule

iii. Accelerator–helps with fat burning, weight loss accelerator, has HTP 5 that helps with seratonin release for depression, anxiety, etc. ; also has natural caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee per capsule


b. Block–blocks 48% of carbs in next meal

i. Good for those afraid of carbs

ii. Good for eating out nights

iii. Some take one at night and one in the morning for fat fighting

iv. Helps you feel full quickly…


c. Free coaching group starting February 1st

i. Order from our Plexus store

ii. Get free weekly coaching live video, monthly one-on-one call, IF Start Up Charts, private FB group




5 Ways to Find Me and Find Out More About Daily Intermittent Fasting!

(1) FB Group for Support and Daily Help

(2) Blog with all videos, articles, 5 Top Tips for IF Slideshow, and more.

(3) IF Journal Podcast at iTunes

(4) YouTube channel

(5) Donna Reish Blogger FB Page


Below are a couple of links to books I use and love. I am an affiliate for Amazon.com. If you click on the links below I will earn a small commission. Thank you for your support of this blog!



1) “Delay, Don’t Deny” book (amazing!)

2) “The Obesity Code” book

3) “Feast Without Fear” book

4) “The Complete Book of Fasting” (Jason Fung)

5) “Appetite Correction” book

6) “9 Facts About Plexus Slim” article

7) Free sample Plexus Slim

8) Our Plexus store



P.S. What did you learn in this week’s podcast/video? What questions did this episode bring up for you?



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