Five Sugar-Free Cream Cheese Frostings

Five Sugar-Free Cream Cheese Frosting Recipes



One of the low carb, sugar-free treats that I have not enjoyed is the many frosting recipes that are out there. Combining Pyure (or other sugar-free, healthy sweeteners) with butter hasn’t yielded a good taste in my opinion. I feel like the sweetener overpowers the frosting—and you can really tell that it is not powdered sugar in there!


So…in keeping with my theory of diluting the less-familiar (and maybe less desired) tastes in my recipes, I have been toying with cream cheese frostings for two years now. And I’ve made it!



Sugar-Free Reishes’ Cups

Reishes' Cups [Sugar Free, THM]


When my husband and I were in high school, the school had a spirit week featuring the basketball players before their sectional tourney. The theme was a candy store, and each player was assigned a candy or spin-off of his name or personality, etc. It just so happened that my husband and his brother were in the same grade, both Varsity starters and both had the last name of Reish.


Enter Reishes’ Cups. Packages of Reese’s cups pairs were everywhere in the spirit week store, made over with a new label—Reishes’ Cups.

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