Don’t Make Another Typical Resolution



Don’t make another typical resolution this year!

Make a resolution that you can stick with!

Research shows that 92% of the time, New Year’s resolutions are done away with by January 20th.

This made me wonder…what resolutions aren’t broken….what are those 8% of resolutions that “stick”?

Then I thought back to last year at this time.


Lose Weight During the Holidays



November is just a few days away….

Now is the time that everybody thinks “I may as well forget about my weight and health until January first….holidays are coming. Nothing I can do now.”

But with Intermittent Fasting, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

In three weeks, you could have your hormones balanced, your appetite corrected, your cravings reduced, your brain fog gone, your energy up, and your fat starting to burn away.


What Topics are Taught in the Intermittent Fasting Course?


It’s time for another session (my second one–yay!) of my Intermittent Fasting Course. The first session was fantastic—went off beautifully in the course platform, had lots of interaction in the private course FB group, had tons of successes, everyone learned a lot, and we all had fun! (To sign up NOW for the course, use code SAVE20 here
I have been so happy to hear from many students:


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